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During an introduction, a timid and lower-ranking dog will lower his head, avoid direct eye contact and gently extend his tongue to lick the muzzle of a more dominant, confident and higher-ranking dog. Help your dog make friends with his peers: Carefully select confident-but-friendly and patient-tempered dogs to play with your shy dog, to help him hone his social skills. If you foster a dog and have three or more resident dogs, introduce the foster dog to your brood one dog at a time and let muzzle-licking between them happen naturally.
When it comes to dogs licking each other’s mouth, the gesture can have several meanings, but they are all benevolent. If the action turns into licking, that is a pretty strong indication that the little guys are on the same page, to say the least. Licking can also mean that the licker thinks the other dog is his superior, and he feels defeated and vulnerable, so he may lick another dog’s mouth to show he admits inferiority. If the other dog doesn’t exactly like what is going on at the moment, he might become hostile and start growling, barking or snarling. GuestGeorge Murrey2 months 25 days agoOur dogs either takes turns or one starts as the other stops. It is a truth universally acknowledged that any dog within tongue-licking distance of a human being, if given half the chance, will lick them. Whether you have a dog or not, you probably have been licked by one at some stage in your life.
Dogs’ tongues and noses contain special receptors that can process information about people. Humans often think of canine licking as being nothing more or less than a sign of love and adoration. AffectionIf your puppy has a penchant for licking your other dog on the face, it could be a sign of positive and amiable feelings between them, as long as the other dog does it in return.

Licking Peoples' Faces, TooPuppies and mature dogs don't limit their face licking just to fellow canines. Puppies in the WildPuppies out in nature also lick their mothers' faces to trigger them to regurgitate food -- in soft gruel form.
The first dog licks the muzzle of the second dog to simply reconfirm that he comes in peace.
My friend’s adorable springer spaniel doesn’t even care if he gets your skin or not, he’ll just lick your clothes.
When puppies are born, their mother brings them to life by licking them to stimulate their breathing. In fact studies have shown that the bacteria and microbial community shared between dogs and their owners can help build our immune systems and ward off bad bacteria.
Remember, dogs naturally live in pack societies that are centered around the power of alpha dogs. If your other dog has taken your pup under his wing, and they've both bonded and connected in the time Junior has been in your residence, face licking could be totally unrelated to submission and dominance. If your puppy is licking your other dog's face a lot, it might indicate the presence of a wound, rather than submission or companionship. You stretch your legs out past where he’s sitting on the floor, and out comes the tongue, lick lick lick your jeans, and his cute little face looking up at you content with himself that this is the most normal behavior in the world – to a dog. They lick things; themselves, other dogs, the cat, the furniture, the walls, the grass, and of course, you. Dogs are very affectionate animals and they love nothing more than showing you how much they love you. So if we end up with a thin layer of salty sweat on our skin, our dog gets a good dose of it when he licks us, so we taste great to him.

She also licks them to clean the afterbirth and continues this grooming technique as they grow.
By licking you, your dog might be communicating to you that you are the boss and he is content with that.
Licking can relieve stress for them but if they are fixating on licking something because of some other fear or anxiety, then it is a symptom of a bigger problem.
If that's the case, your other dog might require prompt veterinary assistance, so don't ignore it. When young puppies lick their owners' faces, it sometimes even is a way to get attention to ask for food or tasty treats. Licking also releases endorphins and it makes them feel relaxed to sit licking something, the rhythm relaxes them. He’s found it out by licking you, gathering up the information he got from it and processing it through his little doggy receptors. By licking his face, he's trying to establish a harmonious and pleasant rapport with him, communicating that he has no desire to dispute his status. They also look out for each other: A dog who excessively licks the muzzle of his canine pal may be doing this because the dog has a tumor, cut or other medical need that requires attention and treatment.

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