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Read 167 Flexi reviews, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, to help determine which pet products are right for you. Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash - Black is an extra long leash designed to help you enjoy your walk. This durable retractable leash features an ergonomic handle and a smooth, easy to use one-hand braking system that eliminates harmful jerking and pulling. The Classic Flexi Leash 2 is the original retractable leash with comfortable one hand braking system. Flexi Giant Soft Grip Extra Strong Retractable Leash - Black is a retractable dog lead designed to easily control the biggest dogs and make walking an enjoyable experience for you and your pet! This durable leash features a soft grip handle and a two-button lock and release for single hand easy operation. Make the dog walking experience more enjoyable for you and your pet with the Flexi Freedom Retractable Dog Leash - Black.
Make the dog walking experience more enjoyable for you and your pet with the Flexi Freedom Retractable Dog Leash - Red.
Make the dog walking experience more enjoyable for you and your pet with the Flexi Freedom Classic 3 Retractable Dog Leash. The Flexi Freedom Retractable Dog Leash - Pink makes the dog walking experience more enjoyable for you and your pet.
With a durable plastic case and strong chrome snap hook, this retractable dog leash provides quality and comfort the standard nylon dog leash can't. In addition to not being yanked around anymore, you'll also no longer have to sacrifice freedom for control, as Flexi's patented one-hand brake system allows for easy control of your dog and allows you to keep them nearby when needed.
If you’ve never had a problem with a retractable leash, you may be interested in this story I found on the Consumer Reports website.

Heather Todd didnt bring a leash with her the day she took her pooch Penny to a pond near Boston in 2005. The article goes on to cite Consumer Product Safety Commission statistics of 16,564 hospital-treated injuries associated with leashes in the previous year. Where I live there are leash laws and laws that say your dog has to be on your property or leashed otherwise. I use a flexi webbing leash and I got my first slice across my hand and welts across my fingers because I wasn't paying attention at the park and a dog came around the corner and my dogs leash was unlocked.
My former neighbor's toddler was nearly garroted when the other neighbor's King Charles Cavalier wrapped the flexi leash around the child's neck. And both incidents could have happened as easily with a standard leash, both involve stupidity at fault, not the leash. It's impossible to keep them from owning dogs, and so I'd rather they have their dogs on a secure 6-foot leash that isn't retractable when I am anywhere near them. Sure choking could happen on a standard 5 or 6 ft leash, but flexi leashes have way more footage to get tangled up in, and are thinly corded. Exactly, While the leash may have some inherent dangers what is wrong is the dog is not under control retractable leash or not. This heavy-duty nylon leash features a retractable design that lets your pet roam freely while staying securely on the leash. It’s a new take on retractable leashes, and, as luck would have it for Jake, it is a pretty shade of pink, with cursive writing front and center. Many people who commented on the Consumer Reports article were adamant the leashes should be banned. When I brought him to the vet, the worker there unfastened the leash at the puppy and the thing snapped up and hit me in the face.

The ridiculousness of this statement exceeds the ridiculousness of using retractable leashes. A friend's daughter was walking her JRT on a flexi and, while she held the leash, the dog darted into the road and was struck and killed by a car. It does not matter what kind of leash someone is holding if they do not have the brainpower to operate it properly. I read the instructions and safety info when I bought Jake’s Flexi leash, but chalked it up to an overzealous legal department protecting the product from lawsuits just in case. The cord of the retractable leash had looped around her finger and pulled taut when Penny bolted. The leashes aren’t broken down by type, but as the article states, such amputations were likely the result of retractable leashes. Here’s what it looks like when you unsnap it from its superstrong magnetic attachment and use it as a leash. Get a grip, ANY leash can cause these types of injuries with an untrained, uncontrolled dog.
I am afraid of encountering a dog on a retractable leash for the simple fear of it potentially injuring my dog with its leash.
I hasn't realized how tangled I was starting to get and Jake bolted after a toy, his zip line leash wrapped around my legs, he continued pulling causing the cord to cut into both my legs. I have knowledge of these through friends who work at vets' offices and those injuries include: tail injuries resulting in amputation, lacerations down to the bone, injuries to tendons, torn skin (think inner thighs from leashes going under dogs), eye injuries, burns to the skin, etc.

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