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Needless to say – dogs do not like head pets, people leading over them, staring them in the face, scrunching their hears, hugging them chest to chest, or kisses to the head. If your dog does these things while being touched or greeted by other people, this is a sign that your dog is uncomfortable.
And here is a video of Gunner the Dalmation displaying every warning behaviour possible that precedes a bite. About the AuthorAndre Yeu is a professional dog trainer from Toronto, Canada, and the owner and head trainer at When Hounds Fly Dog Training.

Most dogs exhibit a wide range of body language and signals to indicate they are uncomfortable with the situation.
The first rule is you should always ask the owner of the other dog if is it OK to say hello to them. Once you know what to look for, it becomes very obvious when a dog is upset or in a position where a bite is possible. Ensure your new puppy has met over 100 different types of people, has been handled in a variety of ways (but always gently), and fed yummy treats.

This means that you are more likely to be bitten by your own family dog than someone elses! This early socialization helps increase the tolerance that your puppy will have for the types of greetings they don’t like.

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