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It seems like a bufo can also leave a trace of venom in someway that my dogs will catch it with their paws.
As soon as I realized what happened I jerked the leash to move him away and the frog was out of his mouth and on the ground. We live out in the country and my dog just bit a toad…he has had the worst luck lately!
This toad has visited our patio several times this summer, each time my husband carefully carried him out in the back field. Meanwhile, my 3 other dogs heard the commotion from me and Magic, so they woke up, and they wanted to go outside. After my husband woke up, he put some plywood near the bottom of the door on our patio, hoping to keep the toad from returning. Me and my 5 months Schnauzer puppy went for a walk in the backyard, it was dark and all wet after the rain and the dog went runnning in the dark. Last night my Border Collie somehow got her paws on a toad (either licked, ate or spat at) but she had all the symptoms known after being poisoned (paralytic, little coordination, salivation, heavy breathing, dilated pupils etc.) we were unable to give her much water as her jaws were too tightly clenched. They said she was lucky to make it till morning so she must have gotten a fair bit of poison.
But yeah bit too worried to sleep and was wondering what you think I should do in future, whether she might have learnt her lesson or is out searching for more.
After loosing my 3 year old daughund Princess this morning because of her curiousity toward this unexpected toad in my back yard. My two dogs have now gotten a hold of 3 toads in a matter of a few weeks, I dont know where they are coming from but would desperately like too find out how to keep them out of my backyard. I am soon to move to costa rica with my 2 dogs, and have had many sleepless night worrying aobut the cane toads here. I have a 7 year old jack russel and while i was grilling on my Q i niticed my dog scraping with something.
I have a beautiful 9 year old chocolate lab, her name is Belle,I got her when she was 6 month.

Last night I was out with my 3 year old dachshund, Charlie , and noticed him playing with a toad. My Jack Russell died from a biting a toad usally he just nipped them this he grabbed in his mouth and I took it away from him to save the frog. I thank you for this web site as it is informitive, and it is also helping me though my greiving process by talking about it with others who have lost there dogs!
Oh my…just saw one of these toads last night and both myself and my dog jumped when he crossed our paths.
This afternoon, at 06pm, my 3 years old jack russel has bitten a big bufo toad in the garden. She starts foaming at mouth, having tremours, dilated eyes and alterated perceptions, so, knowing the hallucinatories properties of toad secrection, I washed her mouth with water, while my wife was trying to contact a vet.
Jack russels are unquiet dogs and once returned back home, as usual, she starts running in the garden looking for something to catch.
At 11pm, when I thought that she was fine, she runs in hells, seemed not to recognize me, having some troubles to stand up too. Immediately I go back to vet, but he said that it’s almost normal, due to toxic alkaloids effects -in confidence he told me that this was his first case of toad poisoning-.
My dogs were playing around in the grass then i noticed one of them standing there looking at something when i went to look i noticed that it was a cane toad which had white stuff coming out of its back. I quickly took my dogs inside at noticed one of them foaming from the mouth i quickly rinsed her mouth out and followed it up with another rinse out and havent seen any other symptons sinse. I have had a lot of dog vs toads encounters and always grab the hose and wash the mouth from the side, not down the throat and they are usually fine. Tonight my dog found a toad and put it into his mouth and then he spit it back out and started foaming. I can’t find any information on the internet as to what that can cause in the unborn pups. We live in Florida and when it rains here we always seem to get the Buffo frogs after the rain stops and it is always dark outside.

She was playing with a toad, I did not know they were poisonious, and started foaming at the mouth.
That’s to this site if this ever happens to me again (hopefully not) ill know about what I should do. Madisons 40lbs and seems to be more affected by the toads than Molly whos 80 lbs but I’m not sure if its just because Madison has gotten more of the poison or if its because of their difference in weight. I immediately got my husband and he told me that toads give off a poisonous toxin that can kill dogs. I had no idea that frogs can be dangerous to dogs.well I noticed my dog was foaming at the mouth and it freaked me out,I was terrified. I came to Internet, found your post and I did what you said; I wash her paws and mouth throroughly and I see no reaction, no foam on mouth or any other symptom. Unfortunately the fourth dog, my Teddy, when found had already started having seizures and all attempts to do the above had no effect, it was too late and he died. I’m yet to hear about my dog, since it happened about 15 minutes ago, and everyone is still in a panic. My yorkie is not to interested in them but my rotwieler is very interested in them and always goes after them, thankfully so far we have not seen any of those symptons in either dog and really hope not too. Belle is my baby.Tonight we were standing out front when i notice that she was messing with a toad.
How long does it take before you see the first symptoms of a dog toad that has been poisoned. I did my research and found out that you can induce vomiting in dogs by giving them 1 tsp of Peroxide.
By Friday of that week she was out in the yard playing with my other dogs when suddenly she fell over and started having what looked like a seizure to me.

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