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Using Fox Terriers and possibly small Beagles and bull-and-terrier-type dogs, he developed a strain of terrier that he felt was best suited to accompany his foxhounds—running along beside them until the fox went to ground, at which time the terrier could chase after and bolt the fox from its den. His terriers needed to be bold enough to go to ground, yet restrained enough not to kill the prey and ruin the hunt. By the end of the 19th century, terriers were used less for foxhunting (which had become prohibitively expensive) and were instead carried to fox and badger dens to kill or pull out quarry.

Fun-loving, frisky, sporty, eager, and handsome, the Jack Russell Terrier is a great companion for someone who shares his enthusiasm for the outdoors and adventure.
Luckily for the breed, in 1904, a group of terrier fanciers in southern England was determined to save the Jack Russell Terrier and set the breed standard for the type favored by Russell.

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How can i help my puppy with separation anxiety

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