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With the minds of two-year-old humans and the physical prowess of Olympic athletes, dogs need direction from us, their elders, to learn focus, control, and etiquette. Dogs need to problem solve, investigate and evaluate, and apply their senses, brains, and muscles to some end, to feel that they have purpose.
To test your dog’s problem solving skills, place an uncooked chicken egg in his dish and watch what happens (limit this to a cleanable area). Dogs need to feel part of a cohesive, functional team, one with a territory, a mission, a character. To show it, we write magazines and books about them, buy them designer collars and clothes, and feed them diets more nutritious than what we ourselves ate in college. It’s a wish list based not upon what makes us happy, but upon what they need as canines living in a human world.
Sedentary dogs gain weight, which in turn affects joint health, and can incite early-onset diabetes.

Truth is, though they aren’t capable of running things in our world, we often put dogs in that position by forgetting that, like kids, they crave boundaries.
But their sociability is not unlimited; in fact, most dogs are somewhat tribal in nature, preferring to mingle with those they know, or with those who pose no discernible threat. Whatever you call it—pack, family, team, or gang—it’s a part of their mindset, and you need to honour it. Do so the way a dog would: protect and care for her, participate in group activities with her and other dogs, exude confidence and control, and be a good muse. All dogs deserve to be in a loving home,but human's with nothing at all to contribute should be left rotting in the human garbage dump that unfortunately infiltrates websites with their trail of slime. It’s why so many reasonably social dogs don’t fare well in big doggie daycares, or at busy dog parks.
Dogs who see their owners happily interacting with others will model that behaviour and attitude.

By mentoring them and attending to their doggish wants, you’ll get a happier, better behaved dog in return. Dropped into a seemingly chaotic situation filled with strange dogs and people, many dogs can short circuit, stress out, or even act aggressively.
If you have multiple dogs, take them all (and other humans, too) out for a group walk of the neighbourhood, to induce that sense of tribal pride.
Don’t force your dog to socialize, but allow her a significant amount of contact with friendly, focused dogs, and with people who understand how to interact calmly and confidently.

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