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Flight is one of the most important characteristic of birds which sets them apart from all living creatures. Parrots are found the world over and are known to thrive in the tropical and sub tropical regions.
Jaguars are known for their close resemblance to leopards and are equally royal and beautiful in their appearance. The current range of jaguar spans southern part of North America (United States and Mexico), across Central America till almost half of South America (North of Argentina, South of Paraguay).
Jaguars are divided into 9 subspecies -- the name of the species and their range is given below.Arizona jaguar (P. Like most animals in the wild, jaguars also face risks due to the rapid destruction of their habitat, and this is mainly due to deforestation. The hunt for jaguar's skin still continues, and they are losing their lives due to poaching. Their life span depends on the species, the environment where they grown, whether they are bred in captivity or grow naturally in the wild.
This big cat belongs to the Panthera genus, class Mammalia, and in fact in the Americas, it is the only Panthera species that is found. It is found in a variety of habitats, like the tropical rainforests, rocky terrains, in addition to wetlands that are seasonally flooded, and terrains of dry grassland.

The food palate of a jaguar is wide, encompassing at least 87 species ranging from tapirs, birds, sloths, turtles, rodents, to reptiles, monkeys, frogs, and deer. These animals are also known to take on sea turtles as their strength makes it possible to even pierce the shells of turtles. With fruits and seeds of countless plants available to feed on, parrots thrive in these habitats.
Typically, jaguars weigh between 100 to 250 pounds and live for 12 to 15 years in the wild. It was thought that these animals had disappeared completely from the southwestern United States; however, recently, there have been occasional sightings. As a result of increasing civilization, the areas under forests and grasslands are being cleared by humans for various reasons, which is leading to a loss of this feline's habitat. Unlike the other species of its kind, jaguars are not primarily man-eaters, but are known to make an exception when they are provoked or feel endangered. The typical style of big cats for killing their prey is by holding the prey's throat with its jaws till it suffocates.
Or else, a time may come when these big majestic cats will only remain as a pretty picture in books, with their already declining numbers. This animal has now become extinct from countries, like El Salvador and Uruguay, in addition to many more areas where it was earlier frequently spotted.

Jaguars also eat livestock, and especially on the borders of the United States, they primarily feed on deer and other such animals.
Jaguars have a unique way of hunting, which includes biting through the skull of the prey, between the ears, and piercing the brain, making the prey immobile. Their beautiful brown-yellow coat with shades of red and black and the numerous spots over the body are close to those seen on the body of a leopard. In order to catch prey easily, these animals prefer dense and thick forests that are moist and offer ample cover to hide from the prey before attacking.
Another particular hunting strategy that the jaguars adapt is that they never chase their prey and make their kill by stalking the prey before attacking or ambushing it. They mostly drag their prey away into the dense forest, or a secluded area, and then feast on it.

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