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My dog follows me around the house and goes crazy when she hears my voice while she is in the crate. I have a very hard pup, but she freaks out whenever I leave, even if it is just for 5 minutes. My dog has a serious whining problem when it comes to being fed and any time he gets a glimpse of me through our sliding glass door. I am moving away with my dog and I'm afraid he will have a hard time leaving my sister's dog.
Due to my obligations with the Air National Guard, this January I will be leaving for school for 6 weeks and I am unable to take my dog with me. My dog has separation anxiety and only shows this behavior when I am the person leaving her.
I have a 3 year old dog who we adopted from a friend because he was fighting with his sister so much. My dog has hip dysplasia and he gets very upset when I drop him off for his physical therapy at the university. My new rescue is frightened of the crate (possibly used for discipline) for reasons we can only speculate.
My husband and I have a pup, who shows real signs of separation anxiety and appears to be a clingy puppy. I would like to correct this behavior and with her being sensitive would like to make sure I do it in the most effective, correct way.
I ended up using a bark collar on my dog in a crate to teach her to be quiet, I have found that vocalizing seems to build the stressed behavior that goes along with separation anxiety. I would start demanding obedience when coming out of the crate, and for the present time you might want to only take her out to go to the bathroom and back in. I have found that the sensitive dogs are the most likely to have this problem, but you have to be firm about it or it can escalate into a real neuroses.
If I had to say the number one thing people ask me most on the dog training circuit, it has got to be hands down how to get their dog to come when called. Teaching a dog to come is probably the most important command your dog will ever have to follow. CALLING YOUR DOG: You want to teach your dog that coming to you is a game, the recall game. RELEASE: When done with your turn, have the other person call him and do the same procedure. BUILDING RELIABILITY: Reinforcement happens when a reward is given repeatedly for engaging in a specific behavior.
Now you may ask, what do you do when you need to give your dog medicine or put him in his crate. If you follow these steps and are consistent, you will be well on your way to having a dog who wants to come to you and will come to you reliably. While Halloween is a favorite holiday for the kids and trick or treaters, not all dogs like it. Halloween can be a magical time, for children and even for adults, but for pets it can be unpredictable, if not downright dangerous. When I told the natives I was here to study the dogs on the island, most people could not understand why I would be interested in these dogs.
It is always better to give dogs more slack in the leash and let them by-pass the face to face and get right to each others butts. Dog Gone Smart is one of the industry leaders in seeking out the most advanced technologies to solve many of the common pet problems we face today. Using an advanced microfiber wicking technology, Dog Gone Smart’s Dirty Dog Doormats™ absorb the dirt, water and mud off your dog’s paws as they come from outside into the house. Dog Gone Smart recently introduced the Cat Litter Mat that uses the same advanced microfiber technology as the Dirty Dog Doormat™. Dog Gone Smart is always improving on their technology and trying to stay on the forefront of new technologies. In March 2014 Dog Gone Smart plans to introduce several new innovative products to help keep pets clean and odor free. There are many theories as to why dogs do this ranging from poor health issues, to starvation, to it just tastes good.
Dogs, just like humans, need to protect themselves in the winter from extreme weather conditions.
Putting an insulated dog coat on your dog is a great solution, especially if the dog will be outside longer than a few minutes. I encounter one of the biggest problems when walking my own dog Dave, seen above wearing Dog Gone Smart’s Aspen Parka.
When it comes to salting the sidewalks and driveways, be very careful which products you use. With some precaution and planning, you can make the cold weather safe for you pets so you can all enjoy a cozy winter!
A common practice to make a dog more aggressive for dog fighting or even for protection dogs is to tie them up and antagonize them. Remember that you always want to end the ball game when your dog still wants to play more and has not gotten tired and quit. The problem I have been having with him is I think he may have a bit of a separation anxiety issue. Many times dog like this lack a strong pack leader that they trust and feel comfortable with. The dog is wonderful, very obedient, works well for me on the SchH field and really is about the sweetest dog. Dog training is not rocket science its simple common sense ideas on how to handle and train a dog,  The DVD has over 3 hours of training information. Is it because you want them to stop running and chasing in the street (yes there are cars and dangers everywhere but all they feel is YIPPEE).
Next, when your dog comes to you, touch his collar gently, reach into your pocket, pull out a treat and then feed him the treat as close to your body as possible and praise him.
Call your dog back and forth and as he starts to catch onto the game you can expand it, increasing your distance throughout the house.
Well you have a couple of options: Either physically go and get your dog gently by the collar without calling him to you, OR call him, give him his treat, touch (and hold) his collar and pet and interact with him. Let’s face it, Halloween is as fun as it is unpredictable and most dogs find unpredictability stressful. Put your dog in a safe, secure place, such as their crate, or locked bedroom, out of the way from the constant open and shutting doors and noise.
You should always make sure you pet has proper id tags with updated contact info, as well as a microchip (don’t forget to register your microchip!).

As a trainer, I always advise it best to leave your dog at home when you head out trick-or-treating. Halloween is filled with lit up Jack-O-Lanterns, and other blazing ghoulish decorations, which all can pose a burn hazard to your dog.
If you choose to take your dog along trick-or-treating, you need to be vigilant about looking out for dropped candy and fire hazards.
If you have a pet as part of your family, you owe it to them to make a plan for them on Halloween.
Not only do these mats look attractive, but also we are seeing people use them as bathroom mats as well as resting places for their pets. Although dogs have fur and hair, this protective layer may not be enough when the weather conditions become extreme. When buying a dog coat, you want to make sure that the jacket is designed to cover and protect your dog’s underbelly. While the jacket keeps his body protected fromthe elements, the snow balls up around his paws and pads making it very uncomfortable for him to walk. If this happens to your dog, have the groomer clip the fur around and between the pads to help prevent this from happening.
Some of the products meant to melt the ice tend to burn your pup’s paws and cause irritation. By creating almost a cornered response (the dog has no ability to run away), the dog learns very quickly that barking and lunging at the supposed threat makes most people and dogs go away. Unfortunately approximately 200,000 dogs are left tethered outside by themselves everyday in the USA.  This inhumane treatment causes otherwise friendly and happy dogs to become bored and lonely which often leads to the development of aggressive behaviors. Make sure the two squeaky balls remain in your control and that your dog only has access to them when “YOU” want to play ball.
I recommend the handlers start studying this DVD right away even though you won’t use some of this training material for several months (usually not until the pup is 4 to 6 months old). It becomes a challenge because we inadvertently do many things that teach our dog that coming to us is not a good idea.
Or maybe it’s because you need them to come inside from the yard where they are romping and frolicking freely in the sun because you need to put them in the crate so you can leave them and go to work all day. In your dog’s mind it is cause and effect, I came to you and you put me in the crate and left me.
The point of this game is for your dog to stop what they are doing and come quickly to you to get a yummy treat and be pet and then go back to play. Let’s break down what we need to know to keep our pets and our family happy and safe on Halloween. Remember the toxic offenders are not just all forms of chocolate, but raisins, grapes, nuts, milk, salt, caffeine and even xylitol (a sweetener in many products, including gum, candy, baked goods and toothpaste) are all toxic hazards to your dog. Think about it, the point of this holiday is to open the door every time the doorbell rings which presents multiple opportunities for your dog to dart out the door and escape.
In the event your dog does run off, anytime of year, without this crucial contact info, it will be very hard to reunite with your beloved pet.
However, if you have spent time preparing your dog and think your dog will enjoy being part of the festivities, than practice with your pet ahead of time.
There are pumpkins and candy everywhere and in the darkness of night it will be a challenge to control everything your dog will want to put near his nose and in his mouth. You are taking your dog out of your controlled environment and will need to ensure their safety from toxic items and burns. Keeping them safe and calm, will free you from worry, and allow the whole family to have a Happy Halloween, and be scared for the right reasons…the neighborhood haunted house! The dogs remain as they have for thousands and thousands of years—scavengers that live among the people. The dogs are being loaded up by their owners as they hold them tight onto the leash and by the collar. Another disgusting but true fact is that dogs will also release their anal glands on rugs and furniture as a way of marking or when they have irritation.
While this is normal during the whelping period, the female will generally not continue this practice after the puppies are weaned and can move about. When you place a Wee Wee pad in your home, you are actually encouraging your dog to go against his natural instincts to keep his den clean.
We all have seen pictures of the Nordic breeds of dogs mushing through the snow as they pull the sleds.
If you use a harness to walk your dog, make sure the harness hole is where you need it to be before you buy the jacket. There are also some great new dog booties on the market that protect your dog from the ice, salt and snow. Make sure you shovel a path to your dog’s favorite potty spot, and also shovel an area for him to eliminate. If you are finding that you just can’t get out and bear the weather, try bringing your pup to an indoor doggie daycare.  At Dog Gone Smart, we are very busy during the snowy season and the dogs get lots of time to run, play and even swim.
When you tether or chain a dog up outside, you are eliminating the ability for flight, and are leaving no other option but to build the fight instinct. A dog that leans against its tether is actually being put into an aggressive and threatening body position. I am going to share with you a technique that usually works in solving this common problem. He will quickly chase and grab the thrown ball, now reach into your pocket and grab the other ball.
Kneel down to be less threatening, extend your food arm toward the dog, show the dog the food as a target and say COME, COME, COME! You want to feed close so the dog learns not to stop at an arms length away, while touching the collar prevents the dog from playing a favorite game of keep away. Not only will it teach your dog that coming to you is fun, it will also give him good exercise!
This is a long enough span of time so that he will not make the association between coming to you and going in his crate. Not only will your door be constantly opening and closing on Halloween, but strangers will be dressed in scary costumes and screaming for candy.
Instinctually your dog is compelled to want to investigate every visitor, so give your pets a haven where they can feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed—tucked away from Halloween guests.
Proper planning can prevent the heartache of a lost pet, especially on a night when no one wants to be searching for a lost loved one. Make sure the costume fits safely and comfortably with ease, and that the dog does not become anxious or stressed while wearing it. Shop keepers and street vendors will typically have a resident street dog that lies on the stoop outside the shop waiting for left overs that may or may not come their way. Coprophagia (the name given to the act of a dog eating its poop) is unfortunately very common among canines and it is quite natural.

Unfortunately many dogs will poop on the Wee Wee pad and then turn around and eat it in an effort to keep the den clean. When the owners pick up their dogs at the end of the day, they are exercised, tired and content. Once he’s learned the meaning of come, call him at different times throughout the day, from inside and outside, rewarding him every time and then go about your business. That’s why there is Gambler’s Anonymous and that’s what we want – your dog to become addicted to “coming when called”. Lastly if your dog should get loose and run off, don’t punish him when he does finally show up. If the doorbell stresses out your dog, disable it and then make it fun by leaving a spooky sign asking for trick-or-treaters to “Knock if you Dare”. In the afternoon on my second day, I heard a dogfight going on from inside my cabin and ran to discover a horrific sight. Because they can!” However in this case I don’t feel it was about pleasuring himself and I also didn’t share Sarah’s interpretation that her dog was a pervert and was doing this on purpose. If not cleaned up properly, pet mistakes will leave an odor of urine and feces in carpets, tile floors as well as dog beds and furniture. If your dog has a thick undercoat, the cold will not affect him as much as some other dogs that don’t.  If you take your hand and go against the grain of the dogs fur and you can see the skin below, chances are your dog has little, if any, undercoat. Of the approximately 25 fatalities caused by dogs in the USA annually, many of these dogs were left isolated and tethered outside. In June of this year (2013) Oregon passed a new law that prohibits dog owners from tethering or chaining dogs up outside.
What dogs learn and learn quickly is that when you call me to come you do something I don’t like. Remember we are competing with all the distractions of their environment, chasing squirrels and barking dogs and bicycles. In his mind he is not being punished for running away, he is being punished for coming back. Dogs may become territorial and anxious which can cause them to growl at innocent trick-or-treater’s. Remove any dangling objects such as strings that can be a strangulation hazard if it gets caught, and eliminate any accessories that can be a choking hazard. Studies over the last few years suggest that the idea of a pack of dogs is really just a “family” of dogs.There appeared to be two different groups of dogs here—one that was living amongst the natives and one that seemed to be living a much more isolated existence.
The dog that l had heard barking every night had taken a huge chunk of flesh off the head of an intruding dog. Sometimes neutered dogs will get erections when they get excited over certain events (going for a ride in the car, going hunting, going to doggie daycare), however this was not really an erection, but the sheath pulling back, exposing the penis.
So, when you use one of Dog Gone Smart’s beds, mats or jackets for your dog, the product, as well as your house, is more likely to stay clean and odor free for years. Dogs like Dobermans, Boxers, smooth haired Dachshunds, Weimaraners and Viszlas are breeds that  do not have undercoats and may require some added protection, especially when the temperatures drop below freezing. Keep in mind that the dog’s name is NOT a command, for example, you can’t just call out SPOT, SPOT, you must say SPOT…COME, COME, COME!
You call him, one treat, next time no treats (but lots of praise), next time jackpot (steak or even 5 treats), next time no treats but you throw his favorite ball or toy. If you have kids, have them practice their costumes too, so the dog familiarizes themselves with what they will look like.
Shedding is always an issue when it comes to a clean home—hence we are now seeing the popularity of hypoallergenic dogs and dogs that do not shed. Unfortunately kids playing in neighborhoods often are the targeted victims of dogs that are tethered. He should release the ball in his mouth in anticipation of getting the ball you are carrying. No matter how angry and upset you are with him for running away, praise him and feed him when he returns. You can also seek out a reputable canine care facility where your pet can spend the night with his friends. If you are up in a high rise and are kind of forced to use this type of pad, try putting the Wee Wee pad in an out of the way room that you rarely use. She sprays a little on each of the dogs’ pads before they go outside, and voila, nothing sticks! As soon as he drops the ball, throw the ball in your hand in the opposite direction of your last toss.
Our actions determine their reactions and we always want to reward and encourage them for finding their way back to us. I know that Halloween night, and even weekend is one of the busiest times at my canine center, Dog Gone Smart, because our families know the dogs will be safe, playing with their friends and out of harms way from the pet perils of Halloween. Just as we give our children flashlights and glow sticks to be safe as daylight turns dark, we should make sure any pets we bring out with us trick-or-treating are well lit and can be safely seen by cars.
By seperating his knees the skin in his groin (which was a bit tight), would pull the sheath back from the penis, exposing his phallus.  With the penis exposed, Patton would lick it, to encourage it to retract.  So unfortunately there was not much I could do for these clients, except to try and get them both to understand that what Patton was doing was disgustingly normal for a male dog!
This way the dog will see the defecation area outside his den which should encourage him not to eat it. It usually only takes a short time before the dog is lunging at every child that runs by the yard. Your dog knows the game, knows the treat is coming and will pull that slot machine handle to see what treats it dispenses.
A light up collar is a great option, and will also ensure people see your pet in the group so no one gets startled or spooked.
Never throw the ball over your dog’s head, as this makes him not come in close when retrieving the ball. You want the dog to drop the ball basically at your feet and not back up in anticipation of the next throw. By throwing the ball in the opposite direction of the previous toss, the dog will retrieve the ball very closely.
It’s also important to know that you should only have food in your hand as a target for the first few times you play this game to get your dog to understand what you want.
Do this over and over and pretty soon your dog will get the idea that running to you with the ball in his mouth and dropping it at your feet makes you throw another ball. Once he does, the food should always be in your pocket and only be fed to him after he comes to you.

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