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Easily, Safely, Humanely Stops PullingThe Weiss Walkie™ is the perfect solution for dog guardians and animal shelters looking for a simple, dog-friendly way to take their furry companions on a walk – with absolutely no pulling.
The Weiss Walkie™ wraps around your dog’s barrel and attaches to his or her buckle collar. Personalized items (including custom dog bowls, as well as engraved dog tags and collars) are not returnable. The Walkie™ is designed to quickly, comfortably, and humanely eliminate pulling with no training needed for you or your dog.

When the dog pulls, the Walkie™ applies slight pressure, calming and relaxing the dog and naturally decreasing forward movement.
The small size fits most dogs under 25 pounds, while the large fits most dogs up to 150 pounds.
Exceptions include most Dog Beds and Dog Tags (usually 3-5 days), Personalized Dog Bowls (usually 2-3 weeks) and Personalized Dog Collars (also 2-3 weeks). These items are donated to a local dog rescue shelter or returned to the customer, at PupLife's discretion.

Her passion and love for dogs inspired her to create the simplest, no-pull device available.
The pressure around the chest also serves to naturally calm and relax your dog and to decrease arousal – which is very helpful for the dog that is easily excited.

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