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The reality is that rabbits are not going to trot along by your side, stopping when you do, and going where you want.
Show your Pet the harness and provide treats!  Now, rub your rabbit all over with the harness while providing treats.
Over a period of time your rabbit will start moving on his own and you can slowly phase out treats. However, they most certainly can learn to accept a harness and leash and will guide YOU where they want to go.
Do not attempt to acclimate your rabbit to a harness or leash until your rabbit is completely comfortable being handled and touched all over by you.

Once treats are phased out be prepared to have a fun time walking with your rabbit, though it may only be a few feet at a time. If you can not find a harness specifically designed for a rabbit, such as the one pictured, a cat harness is usually your best bet.
Place a treat a in your hand and show it to your rabbit, gently tug (very gently- more so guide) the leash toward the food, if your rabbit moves forward, give them their treat. Over time you and your rabbit may even be able to participate in an obstacle course like the bunny pictured! Don't be surprised if your rabbit lays down, if this happens, simply wait, and reward your rabbit with a treat when they get up.

5-10 minutes, twice per day, for a week will usually make a rabbit comfortable wearing their harness.

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