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The easiest method of training your dog to use the PetLawn is to place it on top of the grass at the times when you would normally let it out to do its business.
Ideally, during the first few days of learning to use the PetLawn your dog should either be with you, or confined to a limited area with the PetLawn close at hand. Another tool for training your dog to use the PetLawn is to take advantage of its natural instinct to mark its territory.
Not all dogs will learn at the same speed and some will take a little more patience than others, but once your dog uses the PetLawn for the first time it will be much easier for him to use it again and again. 1) No human will ever greet you more excitedly or love you more unconditionally than your dog.
So, here are some of the most common mistakes people make when house training, as well as some of the best ways to avoid those pitfalls, courtesy of a group of pet lovers who’re as knowledgeable about their dog training as they are prolific in their blogging.
With our second Husky, and later on with the three littermates, we made the conscious decision to skip the training pads entirely and instead we would let them outside within 15 to 20 minutes of eating and drinking water and on the hour, every hour, unless they were sleeping.
If you can’t be home to let a new puppy in training out on a schedule, never let them sit in their mess all day until you come home. Through consistent training with positive reinforcement and praise, our Husky puppies learned to “potty outside” on command in a very short period of time. Patience, consistency, repetition, positive reinforcement, and love are all key to having a happy and well potty-trained puppy. Have the same outdoor potty times every single day and soon it will just be automatic to your pup that outside is where we do that at the set times! I feel that a common mistake made when potty training is to rub the dog’s nose in his urine. As I have gotten older and I hope wiser, and have potty trained several puppies, I have found the best way to potty train is to consistently take the puppy outside to potty during the day and to praise him and reward him with small treats when he does his business outside. According to Rebecca, site creator and writer at Dogs Rule Cats Drool, too often pet owners forget to take their dogs out until it is too late.

Getting too wrapped up in the stress of house training and not enjoying those puppy days that pass so fast. For more about everyday life with an active little hound, positive reinforcement training, mirco farm, product reviews, home cooking for an allergy pup, travel and life with a crazy, fun loving Doxie – check out the Dachshund Nola blog.
A problem with using indoor dog pee pads is some dogs will pee next to the pads instead of on the pads.
If you notice actions such as circling or sniffing (usually indicating the dog has "to go"), then encourage your dog to go to his area to do his business on the PetLawn. As you've probably noticed while walking your dog, it will sniff the grass and try to urinate on top of the spot where another dog previously marked its territory. It consists of an attractant scent that mimics the natural pheromones dogs use to mark their territory. The down side to potty training pads is that while it gives your puppy a designated place to go in the house, that place is still indoors.
Use a crate (they view it as their den and are less likely to mess in it) and have a trusted friend or family member come over to give the puppy the much-needed potty breaks to relieve them and to reinforce training, and, of course, give the pup lots of love. The blog is about her three dogs and several other topics including dog care and dog health. Owners often dismiss or fail to notice the signs that the dog is sending to you, sniffing, whining, or scratching. It is true that puppies learn more quickly than older dogs, but the popular adage that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" certainly doesn't hold up here. Your dog wants to please you, so immediately praise your dog and reward it with a treat when it uses the PetLawn successfully. It order to use this instinct in your favor, consider collecting some of your dog's or another dog's urine with a paper towel. Having five Siberian Huskies, we went through the puppy potty training several times, including training three puppies at once when we brought three little Siberian siblings into our home at the same time when they were almost 12 weeks old!

To this day, if our first Husky doesn’t get let out on time, she will have an “accident” on purpose in the exact same spot the potty pad used to be located when she was potty trained as a pup!
Encourage your dog to mark its territory and be sure to follow up with positive reinforcement. Even now, fostering this stray dog who was living outside, she immediately started pooping on my floor at night. We got a new dog about 3 years ago, everything was fine until he hit puberty and that's when the problems started. The Boxers had been potty trained for 4 years, they started marking territory and fighting so badly that we eventually decided to give the new dog to a different family. I was thinking about going back to kennel training like when they were puppies, but I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do.
I'm out of ideas what to do with her and my husband is starting to get fed up with this and wants to get rid of the dog. We have a doggie door for our dogs that is open night and day, and she uses it all the time. She's a happy, loving dog and isn't in pain other than a bit stiff when getting up (so am I, but you're not putting me down either.) She still plays and trots around a lot. I then lined the lattice with plywood - stapled it on with housing staple gun to prevent the dogs climbing the lattice.

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