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When you enter a dog in a contest you compete for first place and you get money if you win. As you've probably already guessed, you'll need to repeat this a number of times before the puppy fully learns the trick. After you've named the trick, you'll get a few messages and will be left with your puppy walking around.
You can teach your dog new tricks using the same general method, though often times the puppy will perform the trick without any stimulus.
You can also persuade your puppy to try new tricks by using the stylus to gently guide your dog's head.

For a list of tricks you can teach your dog, head over to the Puppy Tricks section of this guide.
Just follow these steps and you will have all the dogs within 2 days if you really work hard. You'll then see the Nintendogs title screen with your pup playing in your apartment on the top DS screen.
If your dog performs any sort of action and a lightbulb icon appears in the upper-right corner of the screen you'll have the chance to teach the dog that trick.
The first screen you'll see is a listing of the different breeds of dogs; depending on which version of Nintendogs you have, you'll have five different dog breeds to choose from (though you can unlock more eventually).

After you've named a new trick, it will appear on a separate screen along with all other tricks you've taught the dog, so try to stay organized with your naming to avoid confusion in the future.

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