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Before I address questions, let me warn you: Practice all initial training in an enclosed area. Before you begin training your dog off-leash they should, first, be well-behaved and under control while on-leash. Note: Be sure to gradually include distractions for your dog while they are training such as taking them to places where there are loud noises, other dogs nearby, people, and bicycles. After you are confident that your dog will return to you while off-leash (at least in a controlled setting), take them on a trail with few dangers or distractions.
Always make your pup heel and never allow them to walk in front of you or pull (Caesar Millan is really big on this one!). Research the types of tags you may have to purchase before your dog is allowed to roam free. Understand that, if your dog attacks another dog or human, you can (and most likely will) be held financially and legally responsible. Be aware of allowing your pup off-leash during hunting season in areas designated for hunting.

Love him or hate him, Caesar Millian (The Dog Whisperer) is a great resource for training, as are local Humane Societies. When you start off-leash, your dog may turn into a little comedian and bound away from you just for fun, so keep it safe until he’s reliable.
Simply put, this is the leader of the pack and the dog or human to which the rest of the pack looks for leadership.
For example, if your dog gets up every time you walk out 15 feet, practice at 10 feet for a week, then 11 feet, 12 feet, and so on. When you try the short lead again, place it on with your 10-foot line and correct her by stepping on it when she darts away. If you’ve been hiking with your K9 on leash for awhile and have the basics down, it might be time for you to transition to “off-leash”, so that your dog can run free while still under your watchful eye and command. Furthermore, you should feel COMPLETELY confident that your dog has been properly socialized with both humans and other dogs and is, in no measure, aggressive. Once you can walk 20-30 feet away from your dog without them breaking focus, hit the trails with the following training technique.
The best way to socialize your pup is to make sure they meet as many people and other animals as possible.

If you don’t have complete control over your animal when they are on-leash, expect to have even less control when they are off.
Start them off playing with children, other puppies, and even introduce them to horses, cows, and farm animals when they are just learning to walk on a leash. That being said, the things you do in your own home and while your dog is on-leash, will dictate how they behave once they are allowed to roam free. Keep your dog enclosed as you practice so that if she starts to act cocky, you can retreat immediately. And don’t hesitate to go back to Long Line or Teaching Lead® exercises for quick review.

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