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You’ve welcomed a beautiful puppy, got attached to it and after a while you noticed that your dog was hard, stubborn and sometimes showing signs of dangerousness.
There are dozens of different dog shock collars and the first thing to do is to read how to fit it, set it up, trigger it, charge it, etc. Other important reads are books, training books are a source of amazing information and they are always full of useful tips that work with a lot of puppies and dogs! Once around your dog’s neck, wait for an undesired behaviour to appear and start with the lowest levels.
As soon as you send a shock and the dog stops, make sure you also praise him and give him a lot of love to positively reinforce this good response (that we forced, but still.) His brain will quickly learn that with this particular behaviour (chewing, barking or other) he receives a shock and as soon as he stops, he receives love and treats. Many trainers will tell you to always keep an eye on your dog because even if the disallowed behaviour seems to be gone, it might reappear so please be consistent in the follow-up and use the dog shock collar again if need be.

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About UsOur mission is to keep passionate dog owners updated about the newest evolutions and revolutions in the dog training collars field. Aggressive dog training takes time and needs the master’s full attention in order to be resolved.
There are more and more buttons on the remote controls nowadays so make sure you know what does what before starting the whole training process.
Send a shock and see how the dog reacts, during the first times you will have the dog to try remove the collar or his eye twitch but this is normal. A lot of dog owners think training a dog takes a year or two but it takes a whole life especially with stubborn and hard dogs.

Learn how to turn it on, turn it off, change the levels, send a noise alert as most collars now allow this, etc.
Aggressive dog training is a difficult task and it takes time to deter a bad habit that your dog had for a while.
There might be special indications given by the product manual such as a time limit you should not go beyond per day, or if the device is waterproof or not, etc.

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