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If you want to set up the introduction of the puppy for failure, bring along your old dog to pick up the young animal. After the dogs have learned to tolerate each other, take both leashes and walk them around the park. If, in spite of your patience and serious efforts, the dogs simply cannot snap out of their aggression toward one another, call us.
Hi, we have had our new puppy for just over 10 days and on the whole we have had very little in the way of problems.
We already have a 10 year old pet dog called Toby, Toby is the best natured and friendly dog I have ever know, over the years we have introduced other pets and children into the home and no problems.
We recently brought Charlie home he is a 10 weeks old Lab cross, Toby has taken no real interest in Charlie. Perhaps this was partly my fault, however, I have always been able to take food away from Toby with no issues. We can help you work through the problems, address the dog that most likely starts the aggression and also work with the new animal on basic obedience tasks.

Toby has put him in his place with a growl when he tried to play with his tail, since then they seemed to respect each others space.
It is not unusual for dogs to show aggression especially if they think that a new dog or puppy is challenging them and trying to get to their food. Do not let your puppy anywhere your other dog when he is eating as this is asking for trouble.
Try and keep toys separate as this can be another cause of problems especially if the toy happens to get too close to the older dog. Any information is not intended to replace the advice of a Vet.Always speak to a Vet if you have any concerns about your dog's health. If a dogfight in the back of your car does not appeal to you, make the first formal introduction on neutral turf.
It is very common for new dogs that come into an established family (pack) to upset the more dominant older dog.
In fact, we can almost guarantee you that with a little bit of patience and proper dog training, it is possible to add a new puppy to your household without unduly upsetting the older dog.

Eliminate potential points of contention by picking up all food dishes, toys, blankets and anything else that belongs to your resident dog.
It also sounds as though Toby is showing his displeasure quite naturally with a little growl and this will soon let your puppy know whats right and acceptable and what isn’t.
Arrange for a friend to meet you there and handle the older dog while you handle the puppy. The dogs could smell and see each other but fighting was impossible and growling or snapping was quickly curtailed. Encourage multiple brief sniffing times where the dogs check each other out before being separated again.
Seattle locals also know that we work with helping new dogs to adjust to homes with resident dogs already in place.

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