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Getting a new puppy can be very exciting for the whole family, but if you have never had a puppy before, you will know that they tend to chew everything in the house which can include your sofa, bed linen, clothes and also your shoes.Training your puppy the first time you bring it home is crucial if you want a well behaved dog. Praising your puppy often can help with training and you may need to do it a few times, which is why it is important to be persistent when training your puppy.Never bring fear or anxiety towards your puppy as this could cause a lot more problems in the future and also when training your puppy. Once you let them know that you are the boss, you will find it a lot easier to train your puppy.An effective puppy training tip is to train them outside and let your puppy socialize with other dogs. By doing this , you will find your puppy will be comfortable in many environments not just your home.

Getting other members of the family to train your new puppy is also important and this can speed up the training process.When training your puppy for the first time, try not to take more than 10 minutes as puppies tend to lose interest. Also try to find a quiet place to train your dog.When offering rewards to your puppy, do not only reward them with food, you can also praise them by playing a game. While your puppy is focused on the treat, start to say "sit" and move the treat in your hand slowly to the puppies nose and over towards your dog's head.
Get your dog in the sit position and put a dog lead on the collar, make sure to praise your puppy once this has been done.

By following a few of these puppy training techniques, you will find that your new puppy will be well behaved, happy and also will feel more secure in the family home.

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