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So, even though there are three really good reasons why you should not get a dog, there are even more reasons why you should. My husband and I also thought we were getting a non shedder when we got our labradoodle only to learn after the fact they need to be 2nd or 3rd generation, ours is 1st.
Our dog is a toy poodle, so no shedding, but he has had his share of small scale destruction over his little life. Our dog mellowed continually as he grew older, becoming less and less demanding and more and more pure comfort and joy.
The only bad thing about the dog deal now is knowing how devastated I’ll be when he is gone. We have 2 dogs (who shed like crazy) a cat and a toddler, so basically we have a circus in our house!
I never considered myself a dog person at all so it took some convincing for us to get our Shih-tzu rescue dog.
Dog lovers are quick to tell you the reasons you should get a dog: companionship, laughter, exercise.
If you or someone who shares a home with you has a severe allergy to dogs, you shouldn’t get one.
Dogs also require regular grooming and I don’t just mean a haircut, though that may be necessary, too.
So while you may be reading articles about how dogs decrease stress or improve health, take to heart that they are also so much more than that. After he's desensitized to the tub turn on the water when he's in there and let him get use to the sound. In order to be able to post messages on the German Shepherd Dog Forums forums, you must first register. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Dogs are animals and by default that means they are not overly concerned with wiping muddy paws before coming inside and relieving themselves in discrete locations.

There are all the first time expenses, such as the dog itself, bed, dishes, grooming tools, crate, collar, leash, and so on. Add to that the life expectancy of your dog, and you’ll see you are paying a lot of money for that best friend. But while these methods can and do reduce allergies, know that no amount of product or no certain dog breed will guarantee to completely rid you of your allergies.
We took him on a trail and there was a lake , all the other dogs were playing in the water while Hunter just stayed back and close to me not wanting to go near the water.. If so, go in the bathroom and tug or tease him up with the ball and have him jump in and out of the tub(no water) get him use to the tub first. He loves baths, I think having the shower attachment helps, the dogs love the massage feature. There's no way getting him in there unless he is picked up (which is impossible for me) even with his favorite treats he will not go in there! He's 7 months and 75 pounds and I found that if I get in the bath WITH him, it helps a lot and he'll tolerate the bath. I can't imagine they are trying to dry themselves off as they do not exhibit the same behavior after getting out of the pool or lake. Then the dog destroys the toy and chews up his bed and needs fancier food for his sensitive stomach and you spend more money. Just last week he ate my down jacket, compression running socks, and headphones, and walked across the state highway after taking himself for a swim because he was bored at the doggie baby sitters. We went 16 years of marriage and two kids without a dog and now can’t imagine our life without this crazy doodle. You may be able to sub out one or two of these times in a day, but not much more if you want your dog to thrive. If you like to be able to pack up and go at any notice, plan on bringing your dog with you – or not having one in the first place.
However, getting a breed known for being hypoallergenic can make living with a dog bearable for one with allergies.

If you can’t live with the possibility of enduring mild allergy symptoms, you should not get a dog. Dogs deserve to be cared for, but they also deserve to be wanted and loved – not resented.
Of course, I look like Chewbacca when he's done but getting the hand attachment has helped tremendously. He also is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen and also one of the fastest, he runs like a greyhound.
If your allergies are only mild, you may not even notice them with hypoallergenic dog breeds. Certain small lap dogs may get by with exercise around the house occasionally, but you will still likely need to put in some toy laser, fetch, or tug of war time. But you feel bad and so you spend a little extra so he can have some special doggy play time during his lodging stay.
You need that walk just as much as your dog, but you may not always want to put in the time (think: middle of winter weather).
Dogs also slobber, leave paw prints when they come from outside, and they have a certain smell to them. He tries his hardest to get out and its getting very tough to hold him back since hes about 72lbs.. If you are unwilling or unable to take your dog for a walk, be prepared to find another solution, such as asking a friend or paying a dog walking service.

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