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A couple of years ago a Japanese electronics company came up with a Gizmo which they claimed could convert dogs barks, yips, yelps and whines into human language, thereby allowing us to understand “Doggie” speak for the first time. These are normally the ones that have fear and animosity towards other dogs and sometimes humans, culminating in the most common aggression of all “Fear”.
Dog’s ancestry is intrinsically linked to the wolf, therefore Canids, which include wolves, coyotes, and jackals, a very different species with very different body language. All these signals are a threat, the dog is saying stop what you are doing or there could be violence. This marvellous language is one that we can also learn and understand, and through that ability communicate with our dogs far more effectively. That is why early socialisation, puppy classes, and controlled play with other vaccinated dogs is so vitally important, especially in the critical periods from 7 to 16 weeks. Those canine trick in performing that Jumba (the dog) has the Address for Agility at Wanley's House. I was on a radio program recently, discussing the merits and usefulness of a new dog collar that was also a mobile phone. We are further hampered by the fact that we tend to think that our pets can understand complex thought patterns; we assume a dog's level of understanding is on a par with our own.

Turid Rugaas (1) The Norwegian behaviourist and acknowledged expert on reading the intricate body language of our canine companion’s states that dogs have a highly developed set of calming signals that act as diffusers of aggression and conflict.
Because of our and sometimes other dogs, inability to read the postures and body language and give calming signals in return means that sometimes the threats can actually escalate into physical violence. In many cases, they are unable to understand or signal their intentions; a classic example is boxers who are often attacked by other dogs.
In reality, real canine language is not just verbal; it is a rich visual language, where dogs are able to converse with each other irrespective of breed or nationality.
Dogs do bark and vocalise it is a part of their ability to converse, however this is only one factor in your dogs language repertoire, effectively when they bark they are saying “Heyyyyy”. Just as we expect our pets to understand our every word, then dogs think we can interpret their signals, quite often these are the ones we miss when our dogs are stressed or worried. With practice and given time, you should find yourself able to communicate with your dog with a more enriched and sophisticated vocabulary.
Ask any mother, this sadly makes the toddler one of the most frequent victims of dog bites.
A Collie from Wales can converse with an Akita from Japan and a Poodle living in France with a village dog in Ethiopia.

Dogs try to converse with us, but without understanding the subtly of the language we often miss most of what they are trying to convey.
These signals are aimed at other dogs but are also directed at us, who are also perceived loosely as pack members. Sometimes the dog gives a whale eye this is when the head is turned slightly away but the eyes showing the whites are turned towards you.
This will benefit both you and your dog and will result in a stronger bond and understanding of each others needs.
If you think about it, these actions are the opposite of the aggressive stance that dogs take as a prequel to an attack or dogfight.

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