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If you have been lucky enough to witness the amazing effect a dog can have on a sick or elderly individual, then you will automatically understand the benefit of therapy dogs.
Dog Training and care matter to us as much as they matter to you. Dogs are remarkable animals capable of learning a variety of complex behaviors with positive reinforcement. I want not only to live my dream of becoming a dog trainer, but also to provide others, like my sister, with a service dog. Is a mother of two teenagers beautiful girls, Adamaris and Ilse and the adopted mother of 4 awesome dogs: Pixie (retired Service Dog), Tyson a Therapy Dog, Sophia a Service Dog in training and Bailey a Therapy Dog in training too. She is a 13 years old and she is in seven grade student of Arbor School of Central Florida and the owner of Marie ,her retired Service Dog and Sophia, her Service Dog in training.

Looking for ways to help her condition, my sister’s doctor suggested my family get a dog. Ilse was part of the Marie training team, learning how to handle and take care of a Service Dog. And we are happy to get to provide this awesome gift to anyone that wants to give back in their community through our therapy dog training. A service dog can be the eyes or ears of the disabled, and a medical alert dog can be the difference between life and death.
Adamaris started to volunteer in non-profit dog training organizations, then she attended college and studied American Sign Language.

Not every dog is cut out for therapy, but we can help assess, train, and then help get him ready to pass the test for therapy certification.
After some time she got the opportunity of her life to go study to become a Master Dog Trainer at National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, in Columbus , Ohio. When she was asked, If she wanted to be part of the Active Dog Services training team, her answer was YES!!!!!!!

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