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It’s natural for a puppy to jump up on other dogs to say hi, and some dogs might be trying to make themselves taller than another dog to show a higher status in the social pack.
Last but not least, remember to focus on what the behavior you want, the behavior Jellybean is doing that you like.
Dogs may jump on people either as a friendly greeting, or when trying to establish dominance too.
Kids and people that squeal, make noises, or move around when a dog jumps on them are rewarding the jumping up!

Many people think this is cute when the dogs are small or a puppy, but for dogs that are (or will be) medium-sized or large, teaching them not to jump up on people can prevent small children, seniors, and less dog-savvy people from getting hurt or scared. If she jumps up again, return to being a boring tree until she’s four paws on the floor again.
That is physical attention – again, a reward, the opposite of what you want to do when Jellybean jumps up. That painful punishment is just not necessary, and doesn’t make them understand what they should be doing instead of jumping up.

Keep a toy by the front door or with you out on walks when you might meet people, and use it as both a distraction and reward in addition to the praise when they meet someone and don’t jump up. You’ll also then have the help of a professional trainer if you are facing a challenge with jumping Jellybean even after consistently following the tips above for a few weeks.

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