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We are a very young team, consist of more than 10 90's engergy boys and girls, Our team aim is " use our good service to supply newest and fashion applicalbe good quality products to world small shops and distributors" ! Below you will find many crafts for making pets collars & leashes projects with these crafts ideas and projects for kids. Cat Food Wrapper Pet Collar Craft Activity - Make your eco-pet proud with this collar made out of recycled materials. Ribbed Dog Collar Macrame Project - This Ribbed Dog Collar is a great Macrame project, for your pet, that is fashionable as well as practical.

By turning food wrappers and bedding pouches into neck decor, you'll find that feline fashion is in the bag! The only deliberate direction I through in was to make the collars in the shape of a diamond, since we often don’t find that shape and it seemed like a good opportunity to use and reinforce it.
A round braid is usually made of four strands, but four double strands will be much stronger; and that's what is recommended.
When you have completed your braid, slide it off the doorknob and knot the ends so that the weaving doesn't unravel.

Now you can tie one end of this nice strong leash to your dog's collar, and tie the other end into a big knot to hold on to.

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