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As your dog learns that silence is rewarded with treats and barking is ignored, you'll need to gradually extend the period of time that your dog must be quiet before receiving a treat. Also called "attention-seeking barking," request barking is a common problem for dog owners. When your dog finally does stop barking, it's important that you praise and reward her for her silence. If your dog barks compulsively for no reason, or tends to bark when she's left alone (in the yard, for example), she may be engaging in boredom barking.

In addition to exercise, leaving distractions around the house is a great way to inhibit problem behaviors like boredom barking. If your dog has barking problems whenever she sees or hears something outside, a simple solution might be to block her access to seeing or hearing that trigger.
The first step to quieting your dog's barking is to find out why she is making so much noise. The first step to breaking a dog's request barking is to stop giving your dog what she wants whenever she barks.

Once you've determined why she's barking, you'll know what actions to take to get her to stop. Learning how to silence your barking dog can help ensure a quiet community and keep you out of trouble with the law.

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