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There are many reasons why your dog is barking and each one has a slightly different solution.
Before you can stop dog barking, it is important to understand that dogs use sounds as well as body language to communicate with other dogs and with you! Positive dog training involves the use of food (dog treats) to motivate your dog to do what you want him to do. Healthy Dog Treats - Made in USA Only - Best Slow-Smoked Beef Dog Food in Pet Supplies - Great Dog Training Treats - Gluten-Free Dog Treats - 1 lb.
Your Dog Silencer package includes a tiny keychain remote control - the only bark control device in the industry to include such a luxury.
The Dog Silencer™ detects barking up to 23m away and responds by emitting ultrasonic sound. When the dog is outside of the 23m detection range, simply press the button on your remote control to activate manually. For your convenience, you can power the Dog Silencer™ with a 6 AA batteries or using the included AC adapter. Perfect for mounting your Dog Silencer on fences, decks, trees, walls, posts, and much more. The sound emitted from the Dog Silencer™ expands in a "cone" shape totaling about 130 degrees or up to 65 degrees on either side. While many customers see the affects of the Dog Silencer™ within a few days, this unit is a training device and will depend on how quickly the dog associates the ultrasound as a result of his barking. The Dog Silencer™ uses a high-pitched ultrasound that is designed to simply "irritate" the dog. Battery life varies on the dog's barking habits since the device only turns on when the dog barks. Even though the Dog Silencer™ can "hear" barking up to 23m away, the corrective ultrasound emitted from the unit can actually travel up to 90 meters in a clear, straight path. If for some reason Rover is outside the Dog Silencer's 75 foot sound sensor range, you can manually trigger the device with the simple press of a button. The high-pitched ultrasound emitted by the Dog Silencer™ will NOT penetrate any solid objects such as wood fences, windows, walls or thick shrubbery. Our new Dog Silencer™ is essentially "storm proof" with a water resistance rating of IPX4.

If the Dog Silencer™ is fairly close to the dog, you may be able to adjust the microphone sensitivity higher to pick up howling or even whining.
Cats and dogs do have very similar hearing ranges, so if your cat is near the unit when it's activated, yes, it will probably bother the cat.
Dog Silencer™ detects barking up to 23 meters away and emits ultrasonic sound to curb annoying barking. That means a reasonable amount of it should be tolerated.The first type of communication dogs use (specially on a face-to-face type interaction) is body language. Whether it's your dog or the neighbor's dog, the Dog Silencer will help you regain the peace and quiet that's been disrupted by nuisance barking. You can also purchase a convenient 18m extension which allows you more room to the place the Dog Silencer™ where you need it. When first using the Dog Silencer™, the dog will be barking normally since it has yet to make the connection between its barking and the sound frequencies.
If this doesn't work, you might consider our BarkWise™ no-shock training collars for your dog. The Dog Silencer™ is weatherproof and one of the only anti-barking devices on the market to include a remote control.
Whether it's your dog or the neighbor's dog, the Dog Silencer™ will help you regain the peace and quiet that's been disrupted by nuisance barking. The output level of sound and shock is increased gradually as barking continues, giving your pet plenty of warning before it becomes painful. Most dog behavior problems happen because of lack of communication or understanding between canine and human. Following you will find information on how to figure out why puppy barking is excessive and also tools to train a quiet dog. To prolong the life of your Dog Silencer, use it in an area where it will be sheltered from extensive rain or direct sun. As an additional option, you can turn the Dog Silencer™ microphone sensitivity all the way down and solely activate your Pro using the remote control.
Also keep in mind that a dog might be howling or whining for reasons such as discomfort, fear or anxiety.
You may adjust the sensitivity of the bark sensor between High (if the dog is far away) and Low (if the dog is close to the unit, or if the unit is being used indoors).

In addition, you can use the audio mode for older dogs or dogs with poor hearing as an alternative to the ultrasonic sound training. User adjustable sensitivity control lets you "tune" the microphone to your dog's individual voice. The Bark Terminator's unique pattern of increasing sound and shock quickly teaches your pet that it is its own bark that is causing the discomfort. Not only does this special convenience allow you to train dogs more than 23 meters away, but you can customize your own dog's training to include staying off furniture, away from the trash and anything else you want to teach your dog to do. The following are highly recommended treats made with good ingredients.Your dog will love them, so use them wisely to stop dog barking! The sound from the Dog Silencer™, although irritating, is not designed to hinder 100% of your dog's barking. There is no volume adjustment necessary on the Dog Silencer™, as the ultrasonic frequencies can travel up to 90 meters in a clear, unobstructed path. Avoid putting the dog in this kind of situations and teach him how to cope with this kind of stress with Systematic desensitization and Counter-conditioning.
To manage this problem while being treated, a dog sitter or another animal companion might help. Additionally, to stop dog barking, you should learn to give your hound regular amounts of attention when he is not being loud.
Find a solution following this link.Lively and Excited Barking: This is a very joyful and enthusiastic dog and he barks to show the world!
Examples of this kind of barking include: - Barking and Jumping when the leash is being attached, - Being very excited in the car, - Barking at other dogs, - Barking at the doorbell.
Click on each link to learn more about each one and find solutions to each specific barking problem.

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