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Rated as one of the best small dog breeds for kids, the Boston Terrier makes for an excellent family dog. Whichever dog you choose to add to your family, big or small, you will definitely be happy that you did.
They’re friendly and playful and kids love to play with them as much as they love to play with kids. Due to their small frame, supervision should be used when playing with very young children.
A child growing up with a dog is a very rewarding experience for both the child and the dog.
They are strong, muscular, and sturdy, and love to romp and play with kids just as much as kids love to play with them.

Due to their lower energy level, they make an excellent pet for a home with very young children. Just like humans, each dog is different, and the level of kid-friendliness can vary even within the same breed.
They tend to jump up on people sometimes, but this habit can be broken with proper training. These are 10 popular small dog breeds, and known to be the best small dogs that are good with kids. Beagles are also friendly with other dogs and enjoy a fun day at a dog park to socialize and run. The Sussex Spaniel is on the larger side of the small dog breed weighing 35-45 lbs and standing 13-15 inches tall.

The breed leans toward the larger side as far as small dogs go, weighing 20-25 llbs and standing 13-16 inches.
Even for somebody who do not likely love dogs, or people who do not prefer to have pets at residence, that cruelty doesn't make sense. To spend much cash for a vet or pet spa is no drawback for the Small dog breeds for kids lovers.
For giving them the best health situation, the owners are willing to buy solely good quality meals for them.The meals price range that the owners spend for the pets can be larger than the price range that they save for his or her summer time vacation.

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