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Bad dental hygiene, stinky foods, insufficient hydration and finally the more serious illnesses are the top culprits for causing bad breath in your pets.
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Now when your dog tries to lick your face, you might have a better idea of what he's trying to communicate. At PEDIGREE® Brand, everything we do is for the love of dogs, from the dog food we make to the dog adoption drive we support. If you are one of the 60% who lets your dog lick you on the face, this is something you should check out.
A new survey by Greenies, a company that makes dental chews for dogs, more than 60% of us let our dogs lick our face. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.

Food poisoning- If your dog licks a dead animal or they like to munch on another animal’s poo, they can pick up bacteria like salmonella. Real bones and rawhide sticks make your pet really happy and prevent bad breath by keeping their teeth clean. For example, mothers lick their puppies to clean them and stimulate their urination and defecation.
The dog doing the licking usually lowers its body to make itself smaller, and looks up, adding to the effect of subordinate behavior.
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But if you need an explanation, your dog can get them from coming into contact with dead animals. This may cause a strain to your relationship, not to mention lead to more serious problems if left untreated. Although we may never know the real answer, it helps to understand the psychology of the lick. From about six weeks of age, some pups lick their mom's face and lips when they want her to regurgitate food for them. The dog receiving the face licks shows its dominance by standing tall to accept the gesture, but doesn't return the favor. Then they pass them on to you by licking themselves after they use the bathroom, then licking your face.

Once it’s in their mouth and system, then they lick your face or share a spoonful of peanut butter with you and now you have it. It’s somewhat rare to get it from your dog, but letting them lick your face is one way it can happen. While it's probably not a "kiss," you can bet it's a sign that your dog thinks you're pretty great. They are also prone to bad breath just like dogs, especially when proper care and attention are not given. Clean your dog's waste immediately so no one, especially kids, can make contact with him and his waste. And make sure to clean up every time your dog leaves a gift for you.Most importantly, try to teach your dog to not lick faces. Now, if you have kids at home and also like to get close to your dog, you should be extra careful.

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