Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

Personal protection puppy training
I recommend crate training!  A crate will keep your dog, your garbage, your cupboards, your sofa and your carpet safe!  And, if your dog feels mild anxiety as he watches you leave, a crate can also calm his nerves.  When you crate him, you take away his ability to worry about everything and everyone else and hopefully you give him the ability to be Zen and relax! Next get him on a crate training schedule and play crate games with him.  If he is feeling anxiety it is best to work on this with him while you are at home so you can make it as fun as possible!  He needs to acclimate and feel like his crate is the greatest place ever!

He may whine in his crate and that can be normal, stay home with him while he is crated to make sure he is not going to injure himself, you can also set up a video camera to see what he does when left alone and monitor him.
If your dog is urinating, defecating, screaming, scratching, or biting at his crate he may have some serious separation anxiety issues and you may need to speak to your veterinarian about helping to relax him when left alone.  Although there are aluminum crates that are virtually impossible to break out of, we don’t want him to injure himself trying!

What to do with a dog with separation anxiety
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