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Canadian Service Dog Foundation (CSDF) specializes in psychiatric service dogs associated physical disabilities. Here is a list of skills or tasks that a psychiatric service dog can be trained to perform for the handler. Our primary focus is on dog selection, breeding protocol, puppy raising, and basic to advanced dog training (including the training of the dog to assist with symptoms associated with Operational Stress Injuries (such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and panic disorders, and severe depression). We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide you with a program information or point you in the direction of a training professional in your area. Regardless, service dogs can be trained with a host of skills specially developed to support these sorts of conditions.

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If you think a service dog may be an option for you please feel free to contact us directly. CSDF has trained dogs or will work with handlers wanting to train their own (we can help you locate a private trainer in your own area who may be able to assist you directly). CSDF offers a full range of services for clients needing a dog or in support of those already partnered with one.

CSDF provides training courses, K9 temperament testing, aptitude and suitability evaluations, service skills exams, public access testing and service dog-handler team certification.
CSDF has several full or partial scholarship options available for those needing financial assistance for their service dog.

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