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Hamilton Reflective Dog Series Collars, Leashes and Harnesses are designed with safety in mind and feature two highly reflective threads woven into fashionable striped patterns guaranteed to compliment any coat. Our reflective line features highly reflective threads woven directly into the webbing of our collars and leashes increasing your dog’s visibility and safety at night and in low-light conditions. The retractable cord dog leash is very popular among dog owners because of the superb control it offers. In the spring and summer that’s not a big deal, but in the fall and winter it can get dark pretty early and we end up walking the dogs in the dark. I hate it when people walk their dogs in the middle of the street and use those leashes where the dog can run wherever it wants. These cords do not tangle and easily roll within the retraction chamber attached with the leash. Every owner with more than one dog knows how difficult it is to handle two dogs on two leashes. If your dog is running too fast in the evening walk, a simple pull on the leash can help you to ask him to trot slowly.

These leashes are quite long, thereby allowing a great extent of moving freedom to the dog. If you have a fancy girl dog, or a sensitive small dog, you can get the pink, purple and blue. Otherwise, a dog fight can get you into a confused state, trying your best to calm them down. Whether you walk your pet close to you or far from you, these leashes can be ideal solutions. The available variations are black, blue, chocolate (never feed chocolate to dogs, it is poisonous to them.), pink, purple, and red.
The problem is that I don’t have a lot of reflective clothing and I don’t really want to be road splatter. However, it would be nice to have a leash that reflects the light whenever we go camping and take the dogs out at night!

The leash comes with 2 highly reflective threads woven into the webbing so that your dog is more visible at night or in low light conditions. But one thing you need when you are walking two dogs are strong leashes (well, you also need collars; otherwise there is nothing to hook the leash onto.
Coral can pull hard at times but the swivel snap is thick and I didn’t have to worry about it coming open and her slipping from the leash. Umm, you also need dogs, otherwise there is nothing to put the collar on, but that is probably implied).
Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures of the leash, and your personal and professional information on Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash Review #hamiltonpet with all of us!

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