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I want to answer this in two parts: First, why Pedigree Dogs Exposed was incorrect, totally and fantastically and horrifyingly wrong, in its conclusions. So, as a breeder, if you know that a certain percentage of your ridgeless puppies are going to end up living horrible lives of pain and confusion and loneliness and then be put to death, even if it’s only one percent, you have a decision to make. There is no body of individuals more dedicated to stamping out canine genetic disease than the ethical purebred breeders. So no, I don’t think that there are many more non-testing breeders than there are testing breeders. The one place where I think that the program had some leverage with me was with the rears on German Shepherd Dogs.
9.Mixed-breed dogs are healthier and have better temperaments than purebreds because they have hybrid vigor. All purebred dogs are about 150-200 years old, and they all came from the same place (Europe). Danny, the Peke pictured, was on a cool bed, which is an extremly common tool used in the show ring to keep the dogs comfortable so they won’t pant. Pekingese CAN breed normally, but their breeders are very worried about the possibility of injury when the two dogs involved are short and heavy, so they do AIs.
So, no matter how much we plead or threaten or promise or intimidate, some of our dogs are going to end up without homes. There are certainly times when I have to go back and correct information when new research is published, but I try not to write anything without knowing what I’m talking about. The older images of the dogs on the left are from the 1915 book, ‘Breeds of All Nations‘. Those images were placed side-by-side with the modern versions of the these breeds.
In their effort to ensure that their dogs fit their “breed standards”, breeders will euthanize perfectly healthy puppies who don’t fit the norm for the breed. One Of These Pups Did Something Bad… Wait Until You See How Their Owner Finds The Culprit! In addition I can see other downfalls, but let’s see how it works out during the next few years because we are in the midst of change.
Your contention that Responsible Breeders are not knowingly contributing to animal shelter populations in my opinion is false. So questioning is fine, because sometimes the person you are questioning really and truly may not know a lot of these things. Dogs in shelters and rescues are almost always dogs that shouldn’t be bred under the best of circumstances. Dogs from responsible breeders and the best rescues don’t have as much need of that surgical protection, because they have layers of protection the shelter dog rarely has. For breeders, dogs need to be looked at as individuals, and the decision to spay or neuter them, and if you do, when and how, should be made individually.
The dogs in shelters and rescue groups should ideally also be looked at as individuals, but that’s a luxury almost never available.

Second, what this means to the community of UK breeders and, because the world of registered dogs is in fact very small, to breeders around the world. That skull series shows exactly what the study says it does, which is that dogs have an extremely plastic phenotype and you can cause rapid changes in a short period of time. You can send them out there, trying hard not to think about that one percent, or you can make sure that their lives are short and painless and they never know fear or hunger or fighting. The round head type is not appreciably different from many other small dogs, including the English Toy Spaniel, the Shih Tzu, the Maltese, etc.
Every year, the purebred clubs donate literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund studies to identify genes, they are 90% of the customer base for the genetic testing companies, they are the ones pushing for health registries, they rigidly police their own ranks and disavow anyone who is knowingly breeding unhealthy dogs. Hybrid vigor is a term that means that when you breed two TOTALLY unrelated breeds, or even two species, the resulting babies are bigger, taller, stronger, healthier than either parent. Aside from a few primitive breeds like the Chow, genetic testing has proven that even the breeds that look old are modern European creations (much to the chagrin of the Ibizan hound people). But they will lose puppies if they do, and these are already breeds who cost a huge amount (not just in money) to get pregnant and who have small litters. I live in Australia and this has bounced to our Country and we breeders are being forced to accept a new Standard that COULD alter the appearance of our breed altogether. It so happened that none of the ridgeless dogs they looked at had dermoid sinus, but with such a small sample that’s not surprising. I think they are fundamentally flawed, just as testing for breeds in mixes is fundamentally flawed. Watch What Happened.Here Are 23 Times Zoo Visitors Got A Little More Than They Bargained For.
This is the true face of dog breeding, and it’s the reason you should always adopt rather than buy a purebred. Until responsible breeders do the same thing as animal shelters(ie dona€™t sell unaltered animals to the general public) they are contributing to the unwanted animal population and dona€™t deserve the to be called a€?Responsiblea€?. You are also apparently new here, or you’d be aware that spaying and neutering is not the only way to prevent unplanned litters.
A tiny shift in the percentage of people looking for a pet choosing shelter adoption would more than exhaust the numbers of dogs available for adoption every year. They remain in contact with their puppy buyers, and make sure the terms of the contract are followed.
Small breeding programs where the dogs live and are raised as family members enable you to do this, just as I do for my own pets. You have to buy puppies, use other people’s stud dogs, and hopefully other people will ask to use yours. We think that shows are VERY important, and goodness knows we love the gorgeous dogs who are the top winners, but if you are savvy and watch the dogs actually being bred, you’ll find that some of the top-winning dogs of all time have very, very few offspring.
So Brahma-Limousin cows, for example, are heartier than either Brahma or Limousin purebreds.

The genes for thyroid disorders in Dobermans are the same as the genes for thyroid disorders in Rottweilers. You have to understand that c-sections in dogs are run entirely by breeder judgment; except for the very rare complete dystocia, these are ALL breeders making the decisions. But we are not naive about how effective we can actually be at controlling the behavior of an owner.
Talking about ridgeless puppies is to (hopefully) help people understand that these kind of decisions are not easy, don’t have a clear upside, and are far from black and white. As purebred dogs were bred to perfect certain characteristics, they eventually grew to only distantly resemble their former selves, essentially becoming inbred mutants that are prone to genetic disorders which many times lead to a lifetime of discomfort and pain. The folks here have all kinds of dogs (and cats!), from all kinds of legitimate sources … reputable breeder, shelters and rescues. I have a friend who has driven her Danes hundreds of miles, twice a year, on her own nickel, for years now, just so the researchers can do serial ultrasounds on a related family of dogs. The non-testing breeders all stick together and they breed to dogs owned by the other members of that group. So rates are heavily, probably almost completely, influenced by personal comfort levels and not necessarily by any kind of medical reality.
When canine c-sections are relatively safe and ensure that you get every puppy out alive, for many breeders (across ALL breeds) and or many repro vets, this decision is absolutely understandable. An obviously purebred dog that hits a shelter or rescue has a chance of being identified and turned over to purebred rescue so the breeder can reclaim it. Breeding dogs for winning shows is dumb and useless at best and in most cases detrimental to the dogs themselves. Within this protocol, it is acceptable to breed dogs that have the skull indentation but are asymptomatic, as long as you are breeding them to dogs that do not have the indentation.
They are not respected by their peers, nobody sends puppy people to them, and if we can warn puppy people away from them we try. An UNTESTED purebred is a very poor health risk, because if you’ve got two dogs on the street at least they have to be strong and sound enough to get tab A into slot B.
They are very rarely picked up as Ridgebacks when they come into rescue, so they’re not valued and are not turned over to purebred rescue. Purebreds have no such restriction; a bad breeder will find some way to get the bitch pregnant. Dogs that attack other dogs and do harm will sometimes be immediately banned, sometimes not.
His feet turn out and are flat, so he doesn’t have the tendon system he needs to keep his feet from hurting when he gets older.

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