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When it’s time to teach your puppy obedience, nothing beats having an APDT member, ABCDT certified dog trainer come to your home for one-on-one dog training. Schedule a no obligation, free consultation with Rogue Dog Training for your dog’s private basic obedience class.
Welcome to Bark Busters USA, part of the international dog training company founded over 25 years ago.
Puppies need guidance in the form of puppy obedience training in order to learn good manners and develop a pleasant, obedient nature.
At the request of our many dog-loving friends owners and partners across the nation, we'd like to share the following information, addressing a wide variety of dog care, training tips, safety topics and much more!
Ask our dog training experts a question about a dog behavioral issue, dog training problems or dogs in general. Be part of one of the worlds largest dog training companies and join one of the fastest growing industries in the USA.
Quinebaug Kennel's 50 acre Canine Campus provides a fantastic venue for the daily care, exercise and rigorous training programs for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and temperament levels. Pups that have experienced a stable whelping period, have been nurtured, socialized and imprinted for 8 weeks. Breeds of pups that were CAREFULLY chosen by the owners to make sure that the temperament, exercise needs, and training practices matched the owner's capabilites, expectations and commitment. Pups that came from a shelter, pet store or back yard breeder and have experienced unstable upbringings.
Pups that were purchased on physical looks without regard to the actual NEEDS of that specific breed. Pups that may have come from good breeders, but due to lack of time, commitment, or structure have quickly gotten out of control, have not been socialized or had any manners training as a youngster. Dogs that are older than 3 years of age that have had no previous foundation training to include manners, crate or patience work and have become set in their ways with bad habits and behaviors.

Regardless of the extent of the issues, we always start our training with teaching the basic on leash commands. The Patience Chain showing dogs in training, patiently each waiting their turn to be worked. Imagine if you could have a professional trainer in your own home showing you exactly how to deal with every situation that comes up with your puppy. Many people find that the typical “puppy kindergarten” doesn’t really improve their functional understanding of how to train their puppy, because there are simply too many people and puppies for a trainer to focus on.
A lot of clients say that going to a puppy kindergarten class as the first experience in training for you and your puppy can be frustrating. Bark Busters founders Sylvia and Danny Wilson have refined a method of dog obedience training that makes dog training easy and accessible to all. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind from their Bark Busters trainer.
We'll give you dog training tips and dog training advice in your quest for a well-behaved dog!
While our goal is to train EVERY dog to be obedient, respectful, willing, and polite we must always take into consideration each inidividual dog. In some instances, these dogs need extensive behavioral rehabilitation IN ADDITION to the foundation obedience training.
We diligently teach all of the basic training from the above programs, but more often than not, your dog has be conditoned to improper behaviors so it simply takes longer, requires more repetition and persistence them to become re-programmed to GOOD behavior. Many clients tell us that they liked starting earlier because many ‘puppy kindergarten’ classes don’t allow you to be in class until your puppy is roughly 4 months old, until they’re finished with their entire vaccination schedule. For very young puppies, we teach you the best ways to bond with your puppy and slowly introduce obedience skills and socializing experiences while following the “natural learning process”.
The ideal setting for a behavior training class is your house because your dog is already familiar and comfortable with the environment.

With Bark Busters, you work directly with a dog trainer in your own home using a method that takes into account the unique challenges you're facing and then fosters a positive relationship between you and your dog.
Every dog is different, so we create a training program tailored to you and your dog's needs. As you can imagine, a lot happens with your puppy between 8 weeks and 4 months and it’s great to get started right and avoid crucial mistakes. For puppies that are 4 ? to 6 ? months old we help you deal with the “bigger kid” issues, as they become more independent and develop their own “opinions” about things. Additionally, the goal of the lessons is that YOU become a much more competent coach and trainer of your puppy so you can create long term results with your dog as he or she grows up.
There are no new toys or other puppies to play with, just you, your dog and a certified dog trainer. Rewarding a dog for quick and proper obedience to a command builds a positive relationship and allows your canine friend to flourish. At this older stage, we also help you remedy any lingeringissues like house breaking, or socializing challenges as well as improve the functional competence of everyday, real-life obedience skills. The focus of each lesson is on training both you and your dog, ensuring all behaviors are taught effectively. Rogue Dog Training applies the psychological principles of operant behavioral conditioning and classical conditioning to build a positive association with obedience. The wide range of behaviors taught in basic obedience forms a great foundation for you and your puppy. Your dog will like obeying you and will continue to obey the commands it learned in basic obedience for the rest of its life.

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