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If the poop eating habit isn’t well established, it may die away on its own, provided your dog has no further opportunities to practice it. With Domesticated dogs, it is not a normal or necessary part of their digestive process, but it is a normal behavior in mother dogs with pups when cleaning. The more excited and agitated you get around the poop, and over the poop eating, the more confused your dog will get about the practice.

When you have a dog boarding the last thing we want to facilitate is them eating their own poop, even if they did do so before. The first time you catch them doing a furtive little sniff and even lick, we yell excitedly and collect the poop and put it away.
Next thing you know you spot your dog excitedly eating away, you go to look and realize it’s their poop.

We know that puppy store dogs tend to eat their own stool much more frequently than others.

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