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Cats have a reputation for being independent, but they actually require plenty of attention and affection. This snorting, wrinkly-faced little character with a cinnamon-roll tail is one of my favorite toy dog breeds.
This member of Japan’s six native dog breeds is known for her fun personality, pointy ears and agility.
There’s a reason the English Bulldog has been chosen as a mascot for so many universities and sports teams. About Latest Posts Meredith JaegerWriter at Apartment ListMeredith Jaeger is a freelance writer and author of women’s fiction. Your dog can do that and he’ll eat your leftovers when no one else liked what you cooked for dinner. His energy level is high, so be sure to take him for walks in the park and to play indoor games as well. He’s not prone to yippiness like the poor excuse for a dog that belongs to that crotchety old lady down the hall.
Bichons are good with children, but puppies should be handled by kids only under adult supervision.

Get your Bichon out of the house regularly for a game of fetch, and practice teaching him tricks at home.
Forgetting her size, she’ll probably challenge the Doberman down the block to a fight, so be careful when you’re on walks together. Because if you’re sick (or horrifically hungover as mentioned before), your Chinese Crested will lie in bed with you for hours. Brush your Boston weekly and wash his face everyday, to check his eyes for redness or irritation. The breed is known for being tough and tenacious, but personally I think the bulldog’s squashy face is too adorable to be intimidating.
This go-anywhere companion needs a loving owner to take care of her for the next eighteen years.
Get ready for some face-licking fun; we’ve compiled a list of the top ten apartment friendly dog breeds. Because the greyhound weighs in at 60-70 lbs, you should probably consider a different breed if you live in a studio. He won’t bark for fun, but your mastiff will let you know when something suspicious is going on.

Take him for regular 20 minute walks and you can both stroll at a leisurely pace before coming home to crash out on the sofa.
But like Beyonce, your Shiba is fiercely independent, which is why it’s important to socialize her early with other dogs.  This smarty-pants may think she knows what’s best, so look for a trainer who understands this breed’s unique mindset. This heat-loving canine can lounge in the sun like a lizard, so if you live in the Arizona desert, a Chinese Crested is for you.
They shouldn’t be left alone for long, so part-time workers or stay-at-home moms make good owners. However, he has no tolerance for cold, and can’t be exposed to it as a means of ‘toughening up.’ Please don’t torture your dog, let him be comfortable! When you invite your friends over for beers, maybe he’ll fetch a cold one for you, like the dog in the Budweiser commercial. At 13-18 pounds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the perfect size for apartment dwellers.

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