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Soft plastic chew toys can help relieve the discomfort of teething, but always supervise your puppy with such toys to ensure he doesn't bite off and swallow any plastic.
Your first hint that your pup is teething is often finding a little blood on favorite chew toys.
Other signs that your pup is teething might include drooling, hesitating to eat or eating very slowly, and increased chewing behaviors. One of the best puppy pacifiers I have found is a small washcloth soaked in water and then frozen.

Your pup may search for his own choices in chew items, and this can sometimes result in damage to unexpected items. Brachycephalic breed pups with short faces, such as Pugs and Bulldogs, need some extra observation around teething time. With some extra attention and a few good chew items, you and your puppy can make it through puppy teething time in good shape. These should only be used under your supervision, however, as sharp puppy teeth can rip off small chunks that your pup may then swallow.

You might be surprised to find just how big a hole your pup can put in a sofa cushion in less than five minutes! You may hear these baby teeth referred to as milk teeth, because your pup will still be nursing when these teeth appear.

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