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Whether you are looking for the latest in doggie bling bling fashion or trying something new, you will love our wide selection of personalizable bling dog collars.
If high visibility is a top priority for you during those evening walks, you will love our personalized reflective collars!
Your dog is your friend and protector, so it only makes sense to get them accessories which express that.
Our awesome studded dog collars range in suitability for teacup size to the giant dog breeds.

Whether for Yellow Dog collars, leashes, harnesses or couplers; each design starts as an original work of art created by a Yellow Dog Design owner. To navigate our site and quickly find what you're looking for, please use our button menu, above. Unlike most dog collars that will absorb water and odors, these water proof collars are made for the wettest and stinkiest of situations. They have an eye for the hottest trends, and years of experience creating top selling dog designs.

We have extra large and extra wide collars for the really big dogs, and extra small spiked collars for the small and tiny ones.

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