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Personal protection puppy training
If group classes or private training don’t fit your lifestyle or budget, enjoy convenient anytime solutions right from your computer.
What People SayJoan is one of the best dog trainers in Santa Barbara County, but what pet owners may not know is that she is not only a dog training expert, but she is also an overall animal behavior expert! Private Lessons are available at a per lesson rate, or you can buy blocks of 4 lessons at a discounted rate!

Come visit to see what makes us so much more than a dog boarding kennel for the Columbus and Central Ohio area!
You tell us what you and your dog need to work on, and we will give you expert dog training skills and advice. We will tailor a personalized dog training program for you based on your goals and objectives.

Joan’s unique and highly effective methods and understanding of dogs, their social structures and how they relate to people is a welcome and much-needed addition to our dog-loving community!

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