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After about 8, 9, 10 weeks of age, or when the puppy arrives at it's new home, the dog should be taught to go potty outside.
After you bring home your new puppy the first thing you need to teach the pup is to walk to the door. Do not use treats when potty training as it takes the dog's focus off of the business at hand and puts it on the food.
Some owners start to think that their dog is being sneaky when really it does not fully understand what it is doing wrong. Before you crate-train, please be aware: a dog that is left in a crate all day long, gets let out in the evening after work for a few hours and put back in the crate for the night can become neurotic, destructive, unhappy and noisy.
Make sure you take him out after every meal and play session BEFORE you put him back in his crate.
Until your puppy is about 5 months old you will need to take him out frequently and keep that eagle-eye on him.
Belly bands are a GREAT training tool for male dogs to keep them from marking (lifting their leg on your furniture).
If your puppy is a breed that stays small and it is going to be an indoor pet, you may want to try paper training if you do not mind the smell.

When you are unhappy with your dog, it assumes that whatever it is doing at the exact moment you show disapproval is the thing that is upsetting you.
If you work all day, it is recommended that you find someone who can take your dog out for a long walk in the afternoon. Buy a crate and for the first three to four weeks keep your puppy in it when you are not with him.
But before you know it, you are going to be able to trust and communicate with your new pet. This often causes a dog to not completely finish eliminating because the dog is looking and waiting for food.
Pay attention to your puppy's behavior so you can develop a schedule that works for you and the pup.
During your work days, you will need to have someone go to your home at least once (lunchtime is good) to let the puppy out and take him for a long walk. And he will learn that when he pleases you by going out to do his business, he gets more freedom in the house. The dog will often come back inside the home and go to the bathroom again after just being out.

This is the reason so many dogs will relieve themselves in inappropriate places and look really guilty about it, yet they continue to do it. Dogs are den animals and like the crate, but even a den animal would go crazy if it was locked up all day long. Dogs do not want to soil their beds and the use of a crate teaches them to control their urge to eliminate. Use this word consistently and later this word will help build communication between the family and the dog. As soon as you see him pacing, sniffing around, and turning in circles, immediately take him outside.

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