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Slowly we transitioned Otis to wearing underwear at home and only wearing training pants when we left the house. As Otis became more confident and regular at using the potty he transitioned to wearing underwear all the time during the day and wore a nappy at night. As I mentioned we would offer Otis the potty when it looked like he need to go and before we left the house. Sometimes a child exhibits none of these signs but will become interested as soon as you begin to draw her attention to toileting, so we still recommend beginning before 18 months. Place a potty in each bathroom with a small bucket to the left and small basket of clean underwear on the right.
In the early stages, your child could wear just her underwear from the waist down, so that using the potty and changing is simple and doesn't take long. It helps in the early stages to have a potty in whatever room he's playing in so he can see it and get to it in time.
During the early stages of toilet training, bring a potty with you (to use at your destination) when you take your child out in the car. The training pants he wore at this stage (from Michael Olaf but now discontinued) held so there were no puddles but Otis needed tending to immediately. The training pants gave us confidence that if Otis had an accident most of it would be caught - no puddles on the shop floor, but Otis and his clothes would still be wet.

Often when he wakes from his nap or returns from outings he needs to go to the potty straight away. Otis takes great pride and care in taking the used potty to the toilet, emptying it and wiping it clean. Eek, Otis is now 17 months and although we've been doing well (by our standards) things are still a bit hit and miss.
We recommend Gerber training pants which come 3 in a pack for about 5 dollars at Target (US). Made of soft waterproof fabric this diaper cover allows you to still check for wetness, so that the training period isn't interrupted. When he is in training pants I am able to see when he is wet and have worked out a bit of a pattern. While at home we offered him the potty and if he looked like he needed to go (we recognised the signs - mainly holding his pants) we took him to the potty.
We have a potty in the car which I offered to Otis before he was able to hold for a decent period. Once a child can use the potty I feel it's disrespectful to put them in a nappy (hence my wake up call to start night toileting). If I know he really needs to go I will give him a drink of water while he sits on the potty.

The red turtle potty was picked up during our last travels and it has become Otis's favourite. Sometimes he will look at the potty and sometimes he will look at me and next thing we know there is a puddle on the floor. My family are completely understanding, I know there is no shame in having a toddler not make it to the potty.
Our lovely Montessori parent-toddler teacher gave me the push I needed and without her encouragement I would have kept Caspar in nappies for much longer.
If he looked like he needed to use the potty but refused to do so, I would take his hand and try to lead him to the potty, if he still refused I would leave him and generally he would wet his pants.
Although he may use the potty at home he wouldn't indicate in time for us to stop the car. As the child approaches 18 months, or if she is large for her age, she will need size three. I keep a potty in the car and if I still feel like he needs to go I will often ask him to use the potty while we are out.

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