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Only a morally bankrupt parent would ever attempt to trick people or make believe their ill-behaved, untrained, aggressive or ill-mannered pet is a CGC, ESA, therapy dog or service dog. Thank you Russell for your dedication and compassion for training & helping homeless dogs.
You are so impressive; I cannot believe how much you know about dogs and how fast the dogs are learning.
What should be outlawed are ignorant journalists and abusive pet parents, not specific dogs that look muscular, that have big heads, wide shoulders, short hair, a certain eye shape or any specific breed.
Hypothetically speaking of course, if I had a disability, I would most certainly speak to my mental health professional regarding my need for my impeccably trained service dog to live with me in my home.

There are many pet friendly buildings and options open to you now than before when you would have been forced to move out of Miami-Dade or to have surrendered your pet to Miami Dade Animal Services (where your dog would likely be killed). Instead, outlaw morons and ignorant, uneducated, animal abusers, puppy mills, backyard breeders, traditional dog trainers and anyone who harms pets – not breeds, mixed breeds, colors, shapes or different size dogs!
I would then find a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and that specializes in training service dogs (such as Fun Paw Care) to task train my dog to mitigate my disability. It may be mixed with anything from a Golden Retriever to a German Shepherd (and DNA tests show that this is often the case) so if you discriminate and dislike “Pit Bulls” you are discriminating against all dogs. However a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) falls under the ADA that gives disabled individuals’ rights!

Nonetheless, those facts would not provide me with any solace or comfort and I would proceed as stipulated above to save myself and my “Pit Bull” service dog a lot of hardship down the road and make it legal to live with my “Pit Bull” service dog in Miami-Dade. However, by and large, for citizens living in less complex housing arrangements such as single family homes or pet friendly buildings, having a legitimate “Pit Bull” service dog would be the ticket to saving your dog’s life!

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