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The coat of brindle pitbulls is made up of several shades of brown with tiger-like stripes throughout. In some, the brindle coat covers their entire body while others have patches on an otherwise white, black or tan coat. In most shelters, there are more pitbulls available for adoption than any other type of dog.
The kids and I had pin-pointed Spencer from looking at pictures over email, however I also knew I wanted the most submissive puppy in the litter and the breeder was willing to let me pick. Puppies have to go to the bathroom within five minutes after eating, so I take Spence outside right after he eats every time. A quick pass on a bike and the pup tries to react a little, but is easily corrected and controlled.
I don't know if this pup ever has any intention of chewing up the shoes and socks he carries to his bed. When people refer to their Pit Bull as tiger striped they are referring to the brindle pattern.
While the brindle pattern is very common within the breed it is also a very common color among other breeds as well. We hope you have enjoyed all the brindle Pit Bull puppy pictures in our gallery and encourage you to also visit our APBR Member Gallery where members have contributed close to 30,000 of their own pictures.

When we walked in and looked at the puppies they all became very excited, jumping at the side of the cage and whining. The pup needed another correction before he reacted since he was staring at the other dog intensely. The pup needs to learn to keep his distance because while the goats are friendly, they like to keep dogs in their places: below them. All but one pup that calmly remained in the back, not caring to push his way past his siblings. I had just cleaned the crate out and the pup got a hold of the paper towels that had cleaner on them. Every time I turn around the pup is finding, chewing on and sometimes eating dead animals that he sniffs out with his nose. After the pup went I walked back inside the house and to the kitchen with him following me. Took a while for us to notice the pup had stopped chewing his bully stick and was now chewing the box! Mother dogs do not help their pups with every little obstacle; they allow them to venture on their own, learning and exploring.

I asked the breeder which puppy was the one we were eyeing up over the emails and he said it was the one in the back.
I took that pup out of the crate and placed him on the floor for a bit to see what he would do. Oftentimes people choose the pup that is the most forward, the one that jumps off the chair first, the one that explores first, the one pushing in front to see them. Any breeder that would charge you more for a brindle pitbull has only his own best interests in mind. The puppy who calmly hangs back with his tail relaxed is the more submissive one of the bunch.

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