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JMO the best dogs out there are the few heavy bred Jocko light on the redboy dogs out there.
Blue is Blue genetically that's what they are referred to call it slate blue, grey, grey blue whatever makes you happy they all come from black dogs genetically blue dogs are black dogs because of dilution they will very in shade some are dark almost black some are super light blue the lighter they are is almost always from over diluting breeding blue on blue over and over and over again which you commonly see with many bully breeder's and in many bully bloodlines. Performance-Bred American Pit Bull and Patterdale TerriersPlaying the game of yesterday, using the technology of today! I talk with a turkish guy and they raise game dogs and run a kennel called madline kennels,there dogs are super high drive and very well conditioned. There are others I favor the true bred Zebo dogs crossed right with boudreaux, sorrels, halls and what not..

Wildside done some good mixing em up, but they never bred to have a line of blue game dogs. Its like taking the big mastiff sized blue dogs and breeding them down to 30-40 lbs true to size and form but a long way to go to be game. Contains detailed stories of many famous pit dogs and dogmen with facts that are sure to be contrary to the misinformed. This blue bulldog comes from hard tested and proven game dogs no staff or bully blood up in this bitch like it or not it's a FACT regardless of your opinions.
There are no BLUE game line's there are blue game dogs(rare but it happen's) within game lines.

We are talking about blue game dogs from REAL game lines that come from REAL proven bulldogs and Soga is one of them.

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