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If you are looking for a darling, standard-sized gal to add to your family, we at Work-A-Bull would highly suggest you contact Sheri’s Dog Grooming by phone (734) 457-0755.
This entry was posted in Shelter Dog Saturday and tagged adoptable, adoptable dog, apbt, pit bull, rescue, shelter dog saturday, tiara on April 4, 2015 by ShadowWolf. It’s becoming far to reoccurring a theme as more and more photos are surfacing on social media of a child sitting, standing, kissing or generally making a dog uncomfortable with their behaviors. Recently, a photo was published by Coeur d’Alene Press on Facebook (click link here to view the original) where the caption reads “Boston Wolfinger, 2, gives his dog a kiss.
Personally, that photo and many of the others I see on a day to day basis make me cringe as both a dog owner, future parent (if Mother Nature would cooperate!) and doting aunt of a bunch of rambunctious nieces and nephews who have had me repeatedly drill how to behave around a dog into their tiny, knowledge-soaking skulls. To prevent incidents like this, it is important to realize and learn the signs of what will cause a dog to bite. This entry was posted in General, News & Media and tagged dog bite, dog bite awareness, dogs, social media photos on April 4, 2015 by ShadowWolf.
When she arrived at Mutts of Motown, she came in with some food aggression toward other dogs during meal time, but with the wonderful work and training from her foster home she’s made leaps and bounds in progress.
This entry was posted in Shelter Dog Saturday and tagged adoptable dog, mutts of motown, olivia, shelter dog saturday on November 29, 2014 by ShadowWolf. This is the third and final week’s update on the Huckama™ by Ruffwear.  It’s been a thrilling three weeks and we thought that our hoard of hoodlums was going to do a number on this amazing toy but we were totally wrong!  Three weeks of abuse from Ryker with a handful of time by the rest of the hoard has proven insufficient on sending this toy to dog toy heaven and we can’t wait to go and get the Turnup™ and see how the crew likes this option as well. We’re onto Week Two of the ‘My Dog Is A Toy Destroyer’ challenge and things are going swimmingly well. This entry was posted in General, Product Reviews and tagged dog toy, huckama, product review, ruffwear on October 18, 2014 by ShadowWolf. Recently, we entered a contest with Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear contest to try out one of their durable rubber toys and were lucky enough to get selected by the folks who were choosing the winners.
If you want to follow along with the other “My Dog Is A Toy Destroyer” challengers, click here.
This entry was posted in General, Product Reviews and tagged dog toy, huckama, product review, ruffwear on October 11, 2014 by ShadowWolf.

So you’ve just heard your local city, town or village is going to look into a breed specific ordinance after a dog-on-dog or dog-on-human incident causing a knee jerk reaction in an attempt with preemptive public safety measures because of said incident. These individuals would like to stomp any potentially non-breed specific legislation because of their fear of these dogs.
If you are a resident, please remember your voice carries more weight in this situation than those who are from out of town – even if they represent a business or other organization. This entry was posted in General, Life and tagged blog updates, dog show, gus, new house on September 11, 2014 by ShadowWolf. It’s hard to believe that just two weeks, three days and four hours ago, I said goodbye to a dog I had barely begun to get to know.  It seems like only yesterday an old, crotchety pit bull mix known at the shelter as Pugsley weaseled his hobbling mannerisms and dislike of any dog he couldn’t domineer and push around stole our hearts. In the ten short months that Gus called our home his, we learned many valuable lessons – like the patience and unconditional love and trust of a dog who hadn’t always had the good life which showed through on the many scars and healed old wounds on his old body.  He allowed us to fall truly, madly and deeply in love with his aged soul with utter abandon and his passing three weeks after being diagnosed with lymphosarcoma knocked the wind out of our sails as if we had been blessed to hold him in our hearts for the thirteen odd years he had walked this earth. Specializing in dog training equipment for sport, schutzhund, police, military and enthusiasts. Dog Harness Shop: Leather, Nylon, Studded, Spiked, Pulling, Walking, Training Harnesses for All Dog Breeds . Different types of interchangeable patches can make you laugh or bring a serious message by your dog.
These photos are often taken as “cute” or “sweet” actions on the part of the child to the dog but all too often these types of behaviors lead to what is often classified as an unprovoked bite to the child despite the warning signs given by the dog in the form of a growl, stiffened body posture or other behaviors that humans often mistake as acceptance of the child’s behavior.
Far too many pets are put into situations that cause outcomes that end tragically for the family and the reacting pet – typically in the form of the dog being euthanized. These reasons vary from dog to dog and day to day because dogs are living breathing beings that do have feelings and those feelings can mean a bad day or a good day. Below are links below show a more in depth view into many of the behaviors that are often seen prior to a bite incident that may lead to a severe bite or even a dog bite-related fatality (DBRF). So, along with being durable, it has had some major curb appeal even with our pickiest dogs. We wish Ari the Dutch Shepherd, Henrietta the Australian Cattle Dog mix, Dozer the Boxer and Maya the Chesapeake Bay Retriever the best of luck in the challenge for the remaining two weeks! It is not, however, to say that these fears from are unfounded because the sheer number of instances where a bully breed-type dog that has severely harmed or killed another pet, livestock animal or even human being is astounding and utterly abhorrent.

This could include a sample breed neutral law like the one that the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) has on their website (Click here for a copy of this ordinance for your files) or other anti-breed specific legislation factoids – including cost analysis, current copy of the state dog statutes, etc. Most of the operation are performed by hand,which makes our harnesses to be of outstanding quality. Many of the commenters on the thread state their concern only to be rebuffed by others who state that they’re blowing it out of proportion and it’s just a cute “smile” from the dog. Not only is your canine companion not welcome but it could detract from the issue at hand – especially if your dog has a lapse in manners and does something foolish and out of character. Being suppliers of army,police and professional dog trainers forces us to stand highest standards.We use best materials for our harnesses. Our product line of dog training equipment , dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. In either of these situations, a dog weight-pulling harness is used to allow the dog to comfortably and easily pull items.
For the reason above, one must tread carefully when considering working with a city council to find a solution that benefits public safety, satisfies the victim’s need for justice for those who could potentially be harmed in the future by potentially dangerous dogs and doesn’t single out a particular breed – thus satisfying bull breed dogs and other targeted breed owners. It is essential not to have a dog pull weight using a conventional collar or leash, as this puts pressure on the dog's neck. A properly designed harness distributes the weight, allowing the dog to use muscles throughout the chest, shoulders, and back.
Stitched and riveted in the stress points made of best leather with great hardware puts our products in the level when we can proudly call it professional dog training equipment. Within the large inventory on eBay, there are small and large dog pulling harnesses that meet the standards and requirements of weight pull organizations, such as the American Kennel Club, the International Weight Pull Association, and others.
These harnesses include necessary features such as a weight spreader bar, plenty of padding, and rings for connecting to weight.
A dog weight-pulling harness is used not only to pull sleds, but also for pulling competitions, and for building muscles through carefully monitored weight training.

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