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Also called the rape stand by dog activist and other anti Pitbull groups, this stand could be very useful for breeders. Though I am not a big fan of breeding stands, I have to say that they can work very effectively. I believe that breeding stands, if properly constructed and used in the proper manner are not inhumane. I also believe that the stand should not be used by novices or amateurs or money hungry breeders who cannot recognize or do not care about distress signs in their bitches. A good quality breeding stand should have height and width adjustments in both the front and back.
The next reason why I do not use breeding stands is because my dogs are extremely well socialized and mostly have no problems with other dogs. I have accomplished more than 2 dozen natural breedings over 30 years with ASTs and APBTs — and never had a problem getting a natural breeding. Most of my issues with breeders using breeding stands deals with why they are used in the first place.

Just as capturing a stray dog with the lasso at the end of a rod is humane and accepted, so too should breeding stands be. This, without a doubt, carries over to breeding time when the female wants the male more than ever. But, it’s NOT bringing the bitch over one afternoon and expecting to get the breeding within hours. If you noticed in my first paragraph, I stated that I am not a big fan of the breeding stand.
It could become a rape stand if the female to be bred is not ready or undergoes extreme stress in the process.
In fact most dogs have a harder time being lassoed and corralled into submission than do ones on a breeding stand. It should also have top notch padding where the dog’s body make contact with the frame of the stand.
Even though she may be unfamiliar with the particular male that she is going to be bred to, the concept of being around another dog is not at all new to her.

Sometimes a bitch may be aggressive towards other dogs and maintains her aggressiveness even towards a potential breeding partner. I still have one female who is now 5 years old from that breeding that has never been bred. If you are not willing to socialize your dogs on a more consistent basis, do not have a dog.
If a bitch is aggressive towards other dogs, especially in the American Bully world, she should not be bred, as she may probably pass on these traits.

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