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Known for their intelligence and loyalty American Pit Bull Terriers make excellent, loving and protective companions despite the unfair press they receive. Bull baiting was banned in England in 1835 and these dogs are no longer being bred to fight. The Pit Bull was used to represent the US in WW1 artwork; popular companies like RCA and the Buster Brown Shoe Company used the breed as their mascots. In 1898 the United Kennel Club was formed with the express intent of providing registration and fighting guidelines for the now officially-named American Pit Bull Terrier. The AKC conceded in 1936 but only under the stipulation that the dogs registered with them be called "Staffordshire Terriers", the name of the province in England the breed supposedly originated in.
The UKC evolved, eventually beginning to register other working-type breeds, and later holding shows similar to those of the AKC.
The ADBA's goal is the same now is at was then: to register, promote and preserve the original American Pit Bull Terrier fighting-type dog.
Today the Pit Bull has evolved into a marvelous working and companion dog, used for purposes as varied as those it originally performed. Courageous, loyal, full of energy; Should be socialized early on with children and other animals. Regular brushing with a bristle brush or rubbing down his coat with a chamois will keep the coat shiny and clean. The Pit Bull immediately strikes one as being a dog of power, passion and undying willingness.
A very common misconception is that APBTs are muscle-bound hulks that weigh in around 85 pounds (39 kg) or more and this is generally not the majority.
A generally healthy breed, although some are prone to hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts, allergies to grass and congenital heart disease.
American Pit Bull Terriers must have plenty of regular exercise and need to be taken on long daily walks.
Discover the best way to train Pit Bulls and which training techniques your Pit Bull will respond to. This canine product of the American melting pot is a true success story, a bulldog-terrier cross that made its way out of the fighting pits and into the hearts of dog lovers. Nicknamed Yankee Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Half and Half, and American Bull Terrier, the breed has long been admired for its tenacity, courage, agility and spirit.
A loyal, strong and energetic companion, today’s APBT continues to provide good company to his owner, and also excels in everything from bomb detection, herding, therapy, search and rescue, to obedience.
Wary and at times unfriendly with new dogs, an APBT (typical of the Terrier breeds) is not the dog for a family that loves new animals coming in and over to play. Potential owners need to know that breed specific legislation (and home owner’s insurance policies) may target their breed. A medium-sized, solidly built dog, the American Pit Bull should appear strong and sleek with well-defined features.
The powerful American Pit Bull Terrier stirs much controversy, often the target of "dangerous"-dog breed laws that affect fanciers' ability to keep or insure them.
The American Pit Bull Terrier 's history -- though murky and debated -- supports both sides. Selective breeding for separate purposes created two distinct types of Pit Bulls -- those that work and serve as companions and those that fight, says Gary R.
Despite characteristic aggression toward animals, the American Pit Bull Terrier is gentle and friendly toward humans.
Originally bred from a variety of bulldogs and terriers, American breeders increased his weight and gave him a more powerful head.
Later, those who wished to distance themselves from the fighting aspect of the breed petitioned the American Kennel Club for recognition of the Pit Bull so that it would be eligible for dog shows and other performance events. Upon acceptance of the breed, many people dual-registered their dogs with both the AKC and the UKC.

The APBT has evoked more human emotional, rational and irrational response than any other breed that exists today. Actual weight and height are less important than the correct proportion of weight to height. Most of the APBT's that are that large have been crossed with other breeds and are being called American Bullies. They are very active indoors and will do alright without a yard provided they get enough exercise.
When the Pit turned and started walking off in a different direction the owner called the dog back to him. Not only do people want to ban this breed, the Marine Corps have deemed this a dangerous breed and have banned them from all Marine bases.
Bred in America from a blend of Bull and Terrier breeds, the APBT served many functions: on the farm he herded livestock and eliminated rats.
Now known as the American Pit Bull Terrier, the breed has been recognized and registered by the United Kennel Club since 1898. But responsible owners defend their good pit bulls with pride, touting their loyalty and athleticism. A well-bred APBT with sound temperament wants to love its owners, make them happy, and bring joy to their lives, Stephens says. Clicker training and food rewards to lure the dog into new behaviors are essential, says professional trainer Laura Van Arendonk Baugh of Indianapolis. The AKC considers the American Staffordshire Terrier as separate and distinct from the American Pit Bull Terrier, yet the UKC will register both as American Pit Bull Terriers (APBTs). The American Dog Breeders Association was formed in 1909 because of certain fanciers' opinions that the UKC was not doing it's job protecting and preserving the Pit Bull breed as they felt it should be preserved. They compete in all manner of organized dog sports, from herding to agility to conformation to obedience and the bite sports like Schutzhund and French Ring. The general public often gets American Bullies mixed up with the American Pitbull Terriers. After my daughter and Jager met there was an instant connection and we now had a new member in our family. There are no specific requirements for height and weight, but they can range from 30 to 60 pounds with the body being slightly longer than tall. It was during this time that the Pit Bull truly became America's sweetheart breed, admired, respected and loved. In 1973 the AKC added the prefix "American" to the breed's name in an effort to distinguish it from the newly recognized Staffordshire Bull Terrier. As rich and captivating as the breed's history is, the Pit Bull's future is more worthy of commentary. I was crushed and thought I'd never put my heart out there to be crushed again but when I came upon this fat shy puppy I fell in love. While the APBT is friendly with children, supervision is in order because of his power and strength.
Owners of APBTs can pick just about any sport (weight pulling, flyball, rally), and their dog may fill the house with award ribbons. Farmers and ranchers used the muscular dogs to protect their property and to wrangle semi-wild cattle and hogs. The Pitbull led him to a secluded part of the woods, where an autistic boy had gotten himself into a deep mud hole and could not get out. He is a guardian of the front door with his bark when the doorbell rings and then licks whoever is there once they come in. The name of the breed changed over the years, but eventually became the American Pit Bull Terrier, the word "pit" adopted from the term for the fighting ring. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate family pet that is good with children and adults.

The harshness and physical demands of the activities molded a strong, healthy, stable animal, one anyone should be proud to own. They show dogs that look exactly like the breed today, doing things the dog is still capable of doing. Highly protective of his owners and the owner's property, it will fight an enemy to the death. The APBT, as registered by the UKC, is an individual breed of dog and does not refer to just any ill-bred, mindless warrior-type mongrel. Very social with people and other pets, although some people find him intimidating and that nervousness transfers to the dog. It is usually very friendly, but has an uncanny ability to know when it needs to protect and when everything is okay. Unfortunately the breed has become a status symbol for many types of criminals who chose to train these dogs to fight. It is those types of people who are chiefly responsible for the banning and witch-hunting that has been sweeping the U.S.
Problems arise when one does not understand natural dog behavior, seeing the dog as having human emotions, and ends up with a dog who thinks he is the boss of the house.
The media, however, should not go unmentioned, for it is also responsible for escalating isolated incidences in a relentless and attention-getting way. For a smaller, not as powerful dog, people can sometimes get away with this, however, for a powerful breed, one really needs to understand and follow this concept of keeping a dog. An excellent guide to learning how to properly treat a dog is the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (recommended to all dog owners regardless of the breed they own). Excellent with children in the family, they have a high pain tolerance and will happily put up with rough child play. In a lot of cases when the media is reporting about a Pit Bull attacking, it is indeed not even a Pit Bull at all, but a mixed breed of some sort, or another bull breed all together. A minimum of training, along with the proper amount of exercise and a firm pack leader, will produce a tranquil, obedient dog.
The news station was called and asked if they knew the dogs were in fact purebred American Pit Bull Terriers, or another bull breed of some sort, or mutts, for that matter. Socialize very thoroughly when young to combat aggressive tendencies and be sure to keep the dog under control when other dogs are present.
Teach this dog respect for humans by not allowing it to jump up and not allowing it to enter doorways first. Even after admitting on the phone that they did not in fact know the breeds of the dogs in question, they kept calling the dogs Pit Bulls in their reports. The Pit Bull's future has been perhaps irreparably undone and everyone is to blame except the dog itself. The entire pack cooperates under a single leader; lines are clearly defined and rules are set.
This very loyal dog is too set on pleasing his owner, and ironically this is the root of his own undoing.
Jack Dempsy, Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Johnson are just a few people who have owned Pit Bulls. Unfortunately, some choose to promote the fighting instinct in the breed, giving it a bad name. Pit Bulls excel in practically every canine task including herding, guarding, hunting, policing, cart pulling and ratting. If you would like to witness what a well-balanced Pitbull is like, tune into the Dog Whisperer and check out Daddy and Junior along with the rest of Cesar's pack of Pits.

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