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The American Pit Bull Terrier is a wonderful dog, well-known for its intelligence, strength, and loyalty. Like many modern breeds, it is impossible to be completely sure of the details of the American Pit Bull Terrier's long history. Like most dog owners, the butchers were proud of their canine companions and their stubborn tenacity in dealing with the much larger, and potentially dangerous bulls. Despite their gallant history, pit bulls faced an uphill battle in gaining official recognition.
The performance events created an immediate problem for the pit bull since the function for which they were bred - fighting - was illegal.
In response to the AKC's unwillingness to include pit bulls as a bonafide breed, in 1898 an alternative group was formed - the UKC (United Kennel Club). Ultimately the AKC did recognize the pit bull in 1936, albeit under the designation of the Staffordshire Terrier, named after the region of England where the crossbreeding of bulldogs and terriers is thought to have begun. But, perhaps the most famous pit bull was Petey, the adorable ring-eyed cutey featured on the TV show Little Rascals. Today, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a beloved animal that is used in a variety of helping functions in society including police dogs, search dogs, therapy dogs, and farm dogs. Pit bulls have born the brunt of the backlash because of their popularity with dog fighters. We would really like to thank to all the followers and friends of American Pitbull XXL in general, but specially to all the supporters of our Daruma brand. In the best possible environment for the Integral Development of Pitbull and puppies, genetic study, research, training, compatibility between lines is essential that the reproduction is very responsible and accurate avoiding breeding to breed without the conviction of breeding puppies 1st level. The earliest notes place the Pitbull in ancient Greece, dogs called Molosos, a race that the Greeks used as pastors and protection dogs.
Current pitbulls have their origins in Britain in the tenth century by the year 1066, molosos fighting dogs, which were originally used to face bulls and bears. Sketches of history rescued clarify that the name of bulldog (nothing to do with current bulldog) used for fighting dogs comes from using that time they were given to those dogs to control and fight bulls they.
Fights between dogs and other animals such as horses or monkeys were also conducted, but the bulls and the bears were the main protagonists of this type of show. Current pitbull came from crosses between dogs legendary type "bulldog" and "terrier" type of that era. The pitbull was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but was later removed from their records because the institution did not want the bad press that brought a race fight.

This is an often perpetuated myth by registries and those in the humane care community that do not support the Pit Bull breed and others that do not understand the Pit Bulls well established history as a pure breed or what it takes to meet the standard of a pure breed line. The Pit Bull in fact has a lineage that goes back further than most other considered pure breeds in existence today. The most reliable history on the beginning development of the Pit Bull, goes back to the time of the Romans.
By this time in history it was thought that the use of the dog on a bull had a tenderizing effect on the meat. By the time of the early 1800's due to selective breeding a dog had emerged which was very similar to the American Pit Bull of today.
As with today the ownership of the Pit Bull crosses all ranges of human diversity and is often seen as a point of unification by those who are enthusiasts of the Pit Bull breed. At the American Pit Bull Registry we help make this a reality and help to show people they are not alone in their love and support of this most magnificent breed. It is believed that this practice of mixing bulldog's and terriers had its most official beginning in the town of Staffordshire England and became known as the Staffordshire Bull and Terrier.
Many today are under the misunderstanding that Pit Bulls were bred historically for fighting against each other.
Dog on dog fighting has never been the true and full purpose of the bred as a whole and those who continue to make such claims only pervert history and taint the true nature and beauty of the American Pit Bull Terrier. As time progressed a gentleman by the name Chauncy Bennett founded the UKC in 1898 with the American Pit Bull Terrier as its foundation dog breed. Due to the protective nature many Pit Bull owners had at the time of their dogs many refused to register even though the breed standard had become officialized. Today many Pit Bull owners still continue to not register their dogs due to privacy concerns - especially with rampid Breed Specific Legislation ( BSL )- financial constraints and subsequent loss of lineage determination. Today the Pit Bull breed is in fact the most unregistered pure bred line of dog in existence. By the time of WWI the American Pit Bull Terrier had became a well loved and desired dog breed of choice.
Over the next four years, were used as war dogs and crossed with various local races across Europe, dogs with more than 2,000 years of history have become the forerunners of today Pitbull.
These fights arose from the need of the butchers of the time to control the bulls used large Mastiff type dogs as "bullenbeissers", which translates as "snapper bulls and bears," dogs appeased, and fought with reconducian bulls, felt so proud of her dogs "toreros" who organized competitions to prove who was the bravest and resistant dogs.
Currently, some breeds retain the name while others only retain the "bull" American Pitbull Terrier like.

However, people still want to see bloodshed, so they began to organize competitions in which a dog was dropped into a pit in which there were several rats. During the time of Minos in Crete the sport of bull baiting was quite a popular form of pagan worship and entertainment.
They often mixed these breeds with the great dogs of England which by this time were also used to bait bulls.
This involved placing a number of rats in a literal pit for a specified period of time with the dog. Most Pit Bull owners feel although in some cases we may have to keep our love for the breed hidden from society in general we also all in a sense belong to a Family with the Pit Bull being the common bond.
This is in fact when the officialization of the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) as a breed is recorded. This has fractured supportive services to Pit Bull owners and over the years has worked to severely diminish the value of the Pit Bull breed as a whole. As an advocate for responsible Pit Bull ownership and promotion the APBR is dedicated to preserving the history of the past and is dedicated to once again bringing shameless pride back to ownership.
This explains the term "terrier" in the pit, a race that has no feature to suggest that it was used to hunt small animals in narrow burrows. Unlike today's life of privilege the Pit Bull often leads the dog of that time had to earn its dinner along with every other capable member of the family.
Rarely will you see historical events where there is such a wide variety of hats and participation by members of every socioeconomic class. Soon competitions became so popular that practically all Inns and Pubs were equipped with a sporting pit. While some individual Pits have been bred for this purpose it is important to note that this is but an infinitesimal part of the the breeds background and has never been practiced by more than a small percentage of its owners. In this way the Pit Bull has a significant role in helping society throughout the breeds known and relative histories.
Over the next four years, were used as war dogs and crossed with various local races across the European continent, becoming the forerunners of modern pitbull. Although these shows were illegal, they were easier to hide the fights between dogs and bulls.

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