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Pit bulls which turned on humans when they were supposed to be gripping a bull, boar or other dog would have been culled from breeding. The average dog fight poses more risk to the humans involved in breaking it up than to the dogs involved. Bull breeds have been altered over centuries by man to enhance certain aspects of both prey and fight drive. For these reasons, the responsible owner of a bull breed should be aware of the genetic predisposition to engage another dog with little warning and to grip and hang on during a fight.
After being rescued, Sam went to live with the Hello Bully Halfway House in Pennsylvania to help him adjust to his new life as a normal dog. As you can imagine, Sam is absolutely against dogfighting, and he uses his Facebook page to advocate for ways to bring an end to the horrific practice.
Peace Love And Pitbulls uploaded by NinaErmalina at 25 October 2015, the extraordinary image above is one of few unique image that related to the main posting Peace Love And Pitbulls. Any moral person with a conscience can easily tell you that something is absolutely wrong with dog fighting. In many cases dog fighting rings are closely related to the drug trade in that jurisdiction. In a serious dog fighting ring, a winning dog’s puppies could be sold for tens of thousands of dollars.
On the other hand, the losing dog, if not killed during the fight, will be culled or used as practice bait for another upcoming fighting dog.
Dogs are relatively tough, and if the size is anywhere near equal, most dogs come out of a fight with minor injuries.

You can get a nasty bite reaching into a fight involving dogs other than well bred pit bulls.
In the animal kingdom fights are meant to be stressful, unpleasant and brief; a contest to establish dominance or repel an intruder. Dogs which wasted time strutting around in a threat display would be quickly killed by boar or bear or dog and thus threat displays were minimized.
The ability to understand and respond to submissive signals while fighting was diminished as well. While Sam is among the lucky ones, many other dogs are not so fortunate, so let’s all do our part to help prevent animal cruelty. So don't miss to chec-out the main posting Peace Love And Pitbulls to read the complete story. In the United States, fighting any dog is against the law and is punishable with jail time and fines. He also gets to take his dog home in preparation for another fight or to be used as a stud or breeder. It may be difficult to do so because the people involved in fighting are closely related to us or reside in our immediate community. But add hysterical humans to the mix and the injuries can become severe, both to the dogs and the humans involved. This same behavior can work to make breaking up a pit bull to pit bull fight quite easy and safe. I personally have broken up upwards of 50 dog fights in my quarter century with the breed and I have yet to be bitten.

Fights are self limiting by Nature's design, otherwise too many animals would be seriously injured and a species might well die out. However, outside of fighting situations, bull breeds respond to all dog body signals the same as other breeds.
Each time a ring is broken up and drugs are found, onlookers tend to pair the dogs with the crime. Knowing how to safety and humanely break up a dog fight is something that you, as the owner of an American pit bull, should know. As horrific as that dog fight out in the street sounds, chances are not much damage is being done and - importantly - if the dogs were left alone chances are very great they would sort themselves out in short order. Thus the American Pitbull Terrier is seen as mascot dog used by drug addicts and criminals. One dog would stand over the other in dominance, and the loser would lie still in submission. In the process, you can be saving the lives of many dogs, while at the same time improving your community by getting raid of the illegal activity. Money that changes hands because of a fight could sometimes range from a few hundred to one hundred thousand dollars. Because breaking up a fight between two pit bulls is far different from breaking up a fight between cur dogs.

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