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Zergling Leash summons and dismisses a zergling; it is a companion that follows you around, meaning it is a non-combat pet and will not aid you in battle.
Prior to it being automatically mailed, players obtained this pet by opening their gift box item (that they received in the mail) and accepting the quest Welcome! With the official green light for Pet Battles on the beta servers for Mists of Pandaria, I dedicated an evening solely to critter cage matches. When you're out in the world looking for pets and players, know the opposition and set your lineup accordingly. It's the main way you can acquire new pets (other than buying them via vendors or selecting pets with real money). If the Toxic Smoke doesn't choke the enemy pet to death, then the third-turn exploding Sticky Grenade will guarantee it.
If you're in a region that's heavy with critter types, pick a pet with abilities that are strong against them or with defenses that naturally protect against them.

You can engage in combat by looking for random critters throughout the world or right-clicking on a player's portrait and challenging them to a pet battle duel. If you switch pet A for pet B, pet B will successfully switch in, but the opposing pet will be able to get in a hit that's going to go unanswered. It seems there are still a number of pet ability graphics and animations that still need to be completed. But it's another engaging activity to do within the game that has a real easy learning curve and is mindlessly fun. At this point, Audrey will send you out to various regions to challenge notable NPC pet trainers. There's a slight chance that the pet might be able to resist and shake off your attempt to capture it, but that hasn't happened to me just yet. Winning will grant your pets experience along with other items (like a Red Ribbon Pet Leash).

If either of you eliminates the other player's pet, you'll get an option to switch and select one of your remaining pets or keep the active pet if it hasn't sustained much damage.
Your pet can only use three abilities, but you have a total of six to choose from when you unlock them at various levels.
If you bring up your pet journal, there's a button the top right allowing you to Revive Battle Pets.

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