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The recent uproar about dog food came about after dogs have become ill due to a certain dog food made in China. The appearance of these lawsuits involving pet food poisoning is definitely a cause of concern especially since the problem has already been dealt with for more than five years now. The second reason why most countries import from China is the cheap cost of labor and materials.
Propylene glycol – This is an ingredient which is used to provide moisture in dog food and hence, can commonly be found in wet food products. Cyanuric acid – This was also found together with melamine in several dog food products in 2007. Antibiotics– The detection of “trace” amounts of antibiotics in several dog food made in China in 2010 has led to the blocking of some imported pet food from China. According to the FDA, there are several signs or symptoms that you should look out for after giving your dog pet foods. Pet owners who have filed a complaint against pet food companies reported having their pets collapse several times and finding internal bleeding before their dog died. There are a number of reasons why pet food contamination is one of the most widespread problems in China. Secondly, the local administration of food regulations does not seem to be as strict as the national government intended it to be.
Thirdly, the country is suffering from a wide range of environmental pollution and even human food is contaminated. The Chinese central government however, was not negligent in addressing reports of dog food contamination in their country. Even though there had been reports and lawsuits against pet foods made in China, the government had not issued a recall for the most recent complaints. Some of the most recent to take off products made in China from their stores are PetCo and PetSmart which are deemed to be two of the largest brands in the US. The recent complaints about dog food made in China should definitely make a pet owner more way in purchasing pet food products in the market. What you can do for now is to stay clear of those products which have been registered complaints about, namely chicken and duck jerky products.
Anna Smith resides in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, where she works as a Pet Nutrition Expert in a leading retail pet store.
A class lawsuit was filed as a general trend among the affected dog foods point towards Beneful, a product of Purina which utilizes a factory in China and also imports ingredients from them.
The Chinese love the dark meat better and so there is a large amount of white meat that is not being consumed and even thrown to waste. The actual cost that pet food companies in the US would have to pay China is actually just a fraction of what it could cost if the products were to be made in the United States.
In these cases, not only one single substance or chemical had been linked with the problematic dog food. According to some of the lawsuits filed against pet food producers, the involved dog food contained a high amount of this substance which led to the ailment of pets. This was after the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets reported about the presence of several antibiotics in pet foods containing chicken.
The Food and Drug Administration recommends taking your pet to the vet immediately when you see any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your dog.

What they do have is a department that handles approval for foods that are recommendable for human consumption. Quantity over quality seems to be the prevailing ideology in local governments without much consideration over how the food is produced. China’s Vice Premier himself admitted that such cases are an embarrassment to the Chinese government. It is the pet food manufacturer themselves who have decided to pull out Chinese-made products in their brand as a response to the increasing complaints by consumers.
But, even with the pull-out, you can still never be sure that the ingredients on your pet food product did not come from China itself. This is the best way to approach your dog food issues since your vet can prescribe a certain menu that will suit your pet’s dietary needs. If you are worried about the origin of your pet food, the best way to know it would be to call the company itself. High quality pet foods contain high quality protein sources which mean that they contain meat. Not only will it save you from the loss of your beloved pet, it will also help you save from future medical expenses.
Try to cook your pet’s food yourself in order to assure that you are providing them with safe and nutritious food as well. The issue with tainted dog foods is not a recent one with several recalls made in the past decade alleging the contamination of dog food products with chemicals and substances which are not supposed to be in pet foods at all. The US FDA did not even directly point towards melamine and cyanuric acid to be the main cause in the 2007 pet food recalls. The government therefore, thought that it would be helpful to the environment and cheap to just purchase these “waste” products from China. The government also had a difficult time pointing out what substance actually caused the pets to become ill because even though they tested for various contaminants, the foreign substance was not previously known to be included in pet food.  Even veterinarians were puzzled with the symptoms that the affected dogs manifested compared to the ingredients that were listed on the associated pet food product. Some have even claimed that it is a substance that is used for antifreeze purposes in vehicles although Purina answered that it is ethylene glycol, and not propylene glycol, which is poisonous for pet consumption.
Factories in China, however, used this ingredient to improve the protein content of dog food due to its high nitrogen content. The most common dog food product that have been cited as causing these symptoms include chicken or duck jerky as well as jerky treats which are wrapped in fruit, yam, or sweet potatoes. As much as possible, chicken or duck jerky treats are also to be given in small amounts as they are not also considered to be a healthy source of nutrients for pets. The country had implemented new standards and even created a separate government agency that will assess and gather information about food producers.
So even if the food packaging says “Made in USA,” chances are it could still contain several ingredients that were imported from China. Aside from that, you will be buying the raw ingredients yourself and will be making the food itself so you can be assured that you are using fresh and safe foods for your dog. You can ask whether they are outsourcing some of the ingredients in their pet food and ask which countries they buy it from.
A lot of processed pet food packages in the market actually make use of meat and vegetable by-products which include fur, hooves, and animals that have died by various diseases.
China has a problem when it comes to the implementation of food safety and production but this does not also mean that the whole country has a faulty food producing mechanism.

Look for pet foods that contain human-grade ingredients as well as those that use ingredients which are mainly sourced from the US. What they did was to suspend the import of several products from China over issues such as false documentation over glycerin as well as the presence of “trace” amounts of antibiotics in some pet foods.
Chicken production definitely is one of the major contributors to the production of solid wastes and by outsourcing these products, the US thought that they will be doing the environment good.
China is one of the major producers of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B-12, Vitamin E and taurine which are important components and ingredients in pet foods. Cyanuric acid also helps to seemingly increase the protein content of dog food and this is probably why it was found in several products.
It was added to wheat products to make the dog food appear to be of higher quality due to its high protein content.
Remember that these symptoms can appear within hours or even days after the ingestion of the pet food and so it is important to be in constant lookout regarding their health. What is good about freshly prepared dog food also is that the nutrients are more bio-available compared to canned and other processed foods. If they say that some are from China, then you should look for one that is purely sourced from the US.
These are the most common sources of food contamination whereas human-grade foods are definitely one of the cleanest and most well-maintained products in the market.
The first thing that you should see on the ingredients list should be animal meat whether it is beef, chicken, turkey, or veal.
There are still good pet food producers in China which make use of good practices and the best manufacturing equipment. As the government had not still identified and prohibited the import of the Chinese products to the US, it would be to your best interest if you can select and purchase products which are produced locally and freshly made. Grain products are added to pet foods in order to increase bulk without costing the producers a lot of money. This ingredient was also used by some milk manufacturer in China to increase the protein in infant formula which led to the death of six babies and hundreds of thousands more to become ill. Although these antibiotics are prohibited for poultry use in the US, they are actually approved and are widely used in China.
The country had also imposed the death penalty for those who will be found responsible for food contamination especially in cases where human death is involved.
Processed pet food may be a problem as most vitamins and minerals come from other countries.
Taurine is not readily available in the market and the only major producers are Japan and China, with Japan only having a limited market.
The Chinese government imposed the death penalty on some of the persons involved in the production of the contaminated baby milk formula.
Your best option would be to look for those that provide raw, organic foods and those that make and deliver the pet food the same day.

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