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Dog owners are left sobbing on the ground, in pools of their pet dog’s blood as official Dog Beaters laugh in their face.
Homeless man’s pet dog falsely accused of rabies, then beaten to death in front of his owner as onlookers laugh. A licensed and LOVED PET POODLE was recently beaten to death in front of his distraught owner, whilst out for a walk on a leash. Note the bamboo poles used for killing dogs, as locals and officials enjoy a laugh after killing dogs. This horrific behaviour has been taking place for decades but until now it has been another of China’s in-house dirty little secrets.
When a foreigner’s pet is beaten to death by Dog Beaters, foreigners are often too scared to speak up because of the very real threat of deportation. Next the village cadre ordered ALL DOGS are to be beaten to death – including licensed pet dogs! The location was near a garbage dump in Alxa League, near China’s border with Mongolia, where dogs are regarded as vermin. Digging by hand, rescuers were only able to retrieve four live animals: one new born puppy and three adult dogs.
Officially called the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, the Chengguan operate in every community in China. A few years ago officials in the eastern city of Jining planned to kill all dogs within three miles of where rabies had been found, said the official Xinhua News Agency. A few years ago only 3% of China’s dogs were vaccinated against rabies and one county in the southwestern Yunnan province massacred 50,000 dogs because 3 people died of rabies.

Animal rights groups say the mass-murder of dogs shows the Chinese governments incompetence in being able to correctly deal with rabies or other routine heath issues. This dog was a friendly pet who guarded sheep, along with his the farmers’ other dog, the black Tibetan Mastiff. Having seem many dogs beaten and bludgeoned first hand in the dog and cat meat trade, I know for a fact dogs do not die easily and they do not die quietly! Help us preserve Yasuni National Park – Click to sign the Petition Click me above and sign the petition to help my friends. Dog owners do not even have the dignity of burying their pet, which is thrown onto a lorry of beaten, broken and bloodied dog corpses. Screaming that his dog was licensed, he was thrown to the ground by Chengguan (authorities) and held down as his loved pet poodle was repeatedly bludgeoned with a bamboo pole right in front of his eyes, before they threw it’s bloodied and broken body onto the wagon of other masaccered dogs. Its not only dogs which are killed, but all sorts of pets, including pet cats, pet rabbits and so on. When a local Chinese person’s pet is beaten to death by Dog Beaters they just accept it because they are too scared to cause a ripple for fear of retaliation against their family. In an over-reation, all unlicensed dogs were given an immediate death sentence, to be beaten to death by Dog Beaters.
In other words when the rescuers hired an excavator, instead of uncovering 96 dogs, they only found 6 dogs which had severe injuries in line with being hacked by an excavator. The Chengguan official told AFP “We are investigating if some stray dogs were buried alive. The Chengguan have a reputation for heartless treatment of the people they monitor – often the poorest in Chinese society.

Sixteen people had died of rabies over a span of eight months and the city which had 50,000 dogs,  did not say when the killings would commence or how the dogs would be massacred. A large majority of people in China practice TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine and (falsely) believe eating dog meat or cat meat will cure almost all illness and diseases, which it does not! Many of the 50,000 dogs were pets, which were beaten to death in-front of their distraught owners. China has organised gangs of Official Dog Beaters who work for the government and its their job to kill as many dogs as possible, to eradicate as many dogs from possible. Millions of dogs [and cats] are slaughtered for dog and cat meat every year in China, but unknown numbers of dogs are also killed simply to get rid of them. Beaten dogs are often not killed outright, but left to die slow agonised deaths on the corpse-lorry.
Dogs could be heard wailing across the city as they were systematically massacred by groups of dog beaters, armed with bamboo poles, leaving distraught owners sobbing over their butchered pets’s bloodied remains. The main photograph at the top of this page shows one of the dogs hiding on his own property.

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