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When I first brought my Moxie home, the sound of his dog tags clinking together as he ate, played, and made our apartment his personal playground was a welcome noise. Tag silencers are one way to solve the problem, but a few years ago, I discovered the slip-on collar tags from Boomerang (pictured below), attached them to a supple leather tag collar from Sit Up N’ Beg, and never looked back.
It is also important to make sure your pet is properly licensed with your municipality.  Licensing is not only an important piece of identification, but the funds generated by licensing programs help support animal control programs and help keep your community safe for you and your pet. It may be beneficial to add “indoor cat” as a piece of information to your cats’ tags.
The only disadvantage is that the microchip is under the skin and can only be identified with a scanner, but this is usually avoided by the addition of a tag with the microchip number placed on your pet’s collar. The charge associated with your pet getting a microchip covers your veterinarians’ or technicians’ time to insert the chip and ensure the proper information gets submitted to the company and the administration fees at the company’s office. This involves a technician at your veterinary clinic putting a small tattoo on your pet, usually in the ear. Canada now also benefits from a single, web-based animal registry called PetLynx that accepts all types of ID: tattoos, nose prints, visual tags, licenses, passports, microchips, text descriptions, pictures and DNA to name a few.
If your pet becomes lost contact veterinary clinics in the area, many times a lost pet will be dropped off at a veterinary clinic to check for a microchip or tattoo. Post your pet on PetLynx, a lot of people who have found lost pets will check there for missing pets. Putting up posters around your neighborhood and places frequented by other pet owners (pet stores, veterinary clinics, dog parks) can also alert people to a missing pet and hopefully help get them home quickly.

We had an experience involving a lost dog and Facebook! A stray dog was dropped off at Town Centre earlier this year, with a collar that only had the dog’s name on it. If you want more information about pet identification, would like your pet to get a microchip or if you need to update your contact information or your pets’ information with us, please give us a call or visit us online. As an added incentive, many municipalities offer a lower fee on licensing for pets that are microchipped and spayed or neutered. Collars and tags are also a good form of identification, since they are immediately visible, but can they can be lost or removed. It requires having a tag made with the pet’s name and contact information including your name and phone number and making sure it is attached to the collar. A microchip is a transmitter the size of a grain of rice that will identify your pet with a unique series of numbers (a microchip does not use GPS to track the location of your pet, it is simply a form of ID). If your pet is wearing his municipal licence tag, he will be returned to you quickly and easily.
Or whoever found your pet may post him on there hoping the owners will check PetLynx while looking for their pet. Don’t forget to keep your contact information updated with the microchip company, veterinary clinic, your municipality and anywhere else your pet’s information is registered. Moxie is now on his second tag collar in three years (he wears a martingale on top of it for walks), but the Boomerang tag hardware remains the same. Instead of an engraving on the buckle, though, they offer a built-in tag reminiscent of the Boomerang Tags.

Doctors Foster and Smith also have their own line of collars, and can attach the nameplate to them for you if you leave a note with your order. Without proper identification your pet may become non-returnable or lost forever if they get away from you. Remember, outdoor cats may become “hung up” on collars, so if you are using a collar on your cat ensure it is a break-away type. By gathering all this information in one place, PetLynx can increase the success of finding lost animals, often without animals ever having to visit the Animal Control Centre. I like that you can slip it off one collar and onto the next if you’re one of those fashionable multi-collar-owning pet parents. Tattoos are coded for the year of application, the clinic that applied the tattoo and your pets’ individual ID.
Outside the province you risk the tattoo not being traceable or duplicated with another pet whose tattoo was done in that province. This extra information can help speed up tracking down an owner and getting your pet home quicker. The buckles are a metal and plastic hybrid, and $29 gets you tag plus nylon collar with your choice of 18 colors.

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