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Let Pawsitively Perfect Obedience Training teach your furry friend better manners so he won't have to be confined to the backyard when guests come over.
We firmly believe that any dog given consistent, reliable training can become a great family companion and canine friend. Develop a better relationship between you and your dog through the Humane Society of Sarasota County’s behavior training group classes.
Learn how to teach your dog how to behave in your household.  Positive reinforcement is used to teach your dog such commands as sit, down, come, stay and also walking on a leash. Earn a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate and build on the skills learned in Basic Obedience 1 while learning commands that require more concentration for your dog.  These lessons include how to accept a friendly stranger, sit politely for petting, walk through crowds, react to other dogs and so much more.
Have a great time building your relationship and teamwork with your dog while learning all the basic skills needed to run agility. This course will introduce your dog to agility equipment, which includes a dog walk, an a-frame and tunnels.

We offer classes that will help you become your dog's best friend and teach you how to train your dog to be that Paws-itive talk of the town.
Our classes help strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners through education and positive training. We offer classes ranging from beginning puppy to basic manners to agility.
Your dog will also learn handling skills like target training, start line stays, attention, jumping and turns, weaves and more. Each course will be taught by an experienced agility trainer in our outdoor agility yard and will be limited to8 handler teams.
This class focuses on incorporating obedience commands like sit, stay and come while introducing your dog to simple agility obstacles.
Whether you’re interested in just the training basics or entering your dog into a competition, HSSC has the class for you. These skills include socialization, with both humans and other dogs, impulse control and teaching your pup basic commands such as sit, down and walking on a leash.

Dogs need to be six months or older, have basic obedience skills and be dog friendly.  Click here to register. These agility skills combined with obedience commands make this a great way to have fun with your dog.

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